Help with consistent facial features.

Posted 12 days, 3 hours ago (Edited 9 days, 18 hours ago) by Cliodna

I'm crawling my way out of a months long artist block so this is the first piece of art that I've been hyped to make in about...a year perhaps?

One thing I always have issues with is keeping facial features consistent. I've gotten better at it over the years but all I've learnt still goes out the window when the slightest of angles come into play. I really envy comic artist and thus forth for whom having a face foreshortened AND recognizable seems to come without effort.

Currenty I'm working on a new piece for Henry/Julia. I'd like it to be...maybe not "obvious" but believable that the faces below depict the same person, in various ages, outfits and genders. Although each of them, when handled on their own, looks sufficiently like my character to be recognizable to me, then together they just look like a cast different people. So I figured that since I'm quite hyped about this picture and want it to look awesome then perhaps I could get a second opinion? Someone to point out any specific bits I should work around to make the features more homogenized or give tips on how to better visualize what stylized faces should look like when foreshortened.

It's not finished, particularily the foreground, so general feedback is also welcome. :)