Weird Nicknames for Characters

Posted 6 months, 19 days ago by RustHeart

I have taken to giving my characters weird nicknames.  Also my friends give them nicknames.  What are some nicknames that your characters have picked up?

Error has been called Glitchy, Glitchface, Glitched Burnt Fruit Smoothie and Tree!Sans
I call Inkstone a burnt marshmallow
Glitch and one of my friend's characters are called Small Puffs of Anger
Photo is Banana!Sans and Neon Ball of Anxiety
Nightmare is Purple Nurple Nightmare Child or Lorax!Sans
Ink has been called Inky, Inko, Inkster, Inkstain and many others
Alex is the pissy healer boy
Duncan has been called Dankcan and Buff Boi Duncan (he's an innocent bean why have you done this!?)
Fenn is a popsicle apparently
Electro is a gooey boi

Then there are nicknames of my friend's characters.....
Stinky Trollman (Karkat)
Shades Penis Man (Dave)


shit king 

nipple boy

and last but not least... 

 Ghorbash 💖 Mudzi

There are some really great nicknames here ;3 I love giving my characters stupid nicknames. Usually, they are not "canon" and thus not stated on their profiles (I will still refer to them as such tho), and sometimes they are just too good not to add C: 

  • Astaroth, a dnd one-shot character immediately got the nickname Ass from another player's character since they thought that his name was too complicated to remember. That nickname became canon in that campaign even though Astaroth isn't an ass at all C:  
  • My main dnd character Ghorbash got the  OOC nickname "Ghorbacchio" by a friend after he (ingame) misheard while eavesdropping, that there was going to "rain meatballs" so now everyone lowkey expects Gorb to become a chef at the end of the campaign CX 
  • Sara Lynn calls her brother Chewbacca because he's hairy. Wile Scott calls her Starbucks because of her love for coffee and well Starbucks 
  • Vincent got called Mince Meat in a RP with a friend and it kinda stuck 
  • Clem earned the name Bambi after a school-trip to go ice skating where she spent more time on her belly than on her feet
Some of the OOC nicknames I use for my babs are Horny (even tho he's really not?),  Dickface because he's a big ass, Porcupine because he is cute but always ready to sting.

List of stupid nicknames I call my ocs for fun.
(will blackout slurs (or one that's apparently a slur? I don't see it as a slur but eh.)). heads up)
Bingo - Egg son/dad, cinnamon roll.

Peach - Peach twin/brother, trap.

Inferno - Fire dad, edgy fire boy (credit to my friend for that), fire faggot (another one by my friend. his character called him this and it was the best thing ever to me lmao).

Jake - Edgy Alex (since he was originally based on me. again, my friend's fault), kink emo.

Quill - Big Fat Meanie.

Berri - Strawberry twin/sister. 

Ember (idk if she has a profile yet) - The unloved kiddo.

Edit: I messed up the blackouts hhh. sorry-

"Trash-Bird" Justt-K

"Trash-Bird" here I think is pretty self explainatory.
His real name is Michael Lark. Lark - Bird.
Trash because that's what he ended up being to his family (Who abandoned him after near-fatal and disfiguring injuries)

Rather than let it get him down though, he shunned 'Michael Lark' and ROCKED the name Trash-Bird as a Circus barker instead.


My characters fall victim to me wanting to either meme them or call them out. I think the most notable nicknames would be

Aren: Fishstick, Lego
Adrian: Big Aren, Tall Aren
Antho: Thanos, Big Purple
Chaii: Dumbass

Micaiah Rebane cosmic-cockatoo
  • Meeka
  • Micamin
  • Micachka
  • Possu
  • Meekies
  • Morkos
  • Local Man Who Ruins Everything
Valrien AlleycatIrony

my bf calls him vaseline :(


Will - Thunderfloof

Taro - "my dead bi son", Theather Goth

I probably have more but my memory is kinda bad

Blood Magniventris

My friend calls him Lord God UWU Bean. Don't ask why.