Dinosaur Enamel Pins - Twitter & Insta Giveaway

Posted 6 months, 17 days ago by Enzo



Eyo all, I am running a kickstarter and I wasn't really sure what place to put this so I figured creative corner was the best?? Hit me up with recommendations and compliments haha.

I high key want to produce enamel pins as my independent business. I have the means to produce and ship my own enamel pins. I have the one of the same manufacturers as fursona pins. That means these buggers will be high quality! I have the first 4 unlocked. Help me out with retweeting, and commenting to enter those contests. The giveaways are totally free, no cost to you. The best way for artists to get their art out there is by people sharing their content. I would be one happy dude if even one of yall here entered my contest :)

Giveaways - no purchase necessary 

Twitter giveaway! Click on the url and give a retweet.

Instagram Giveaway! Comment and tag two of your friends to enter