tips on making my art better

Posted 9 days, 34 minutes ago by shibeboi

idk, I just feel like i'm seriously... under-preforming?? loads of other people my age (15) make much better art than me and it kinda makes me self conscious and jealous I guess. and ik practice is important but I guess this is more or a critique thread so I can figure out what exactly i need to target and get my butt in gear so i can start feeling good about myself

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tldr but I hope you find this useful;

You shouldn't feel like you have to be up to a standard! Your art is cute and lots of people work at their own pace to improve, and you should too because tbh y'all these standards are all in your head- and it REALLY just depends on the person. Like.. obv i'm sus to think that way too (ie: i'm not good enough, people my age are LOADS better) but honestly. Just keep practicing and seeking out your style if you haven't gotten one yet. Drawing every day even if for a minute actually helps it's horror fuel but don't tell anyone lol.
A few things i'm spotting is a bit of stiffness in your figures. You have nice and dynamic poses but some placements get a little awkward/locked up. It's a common opinion imo you shouldn't sweat it too much, it's just a matter of studying anatomy. Idk if you're having trouble with a tyle but I'm gonna give you some deets if you ever feel like experimenting
Some nice pointers to develop a more rounded style is to look at some of your favorite artists/good in general and take some aspects of their style and try to apply it to yours- it doesn't have to necessarily work and trying to see how it'll fit in is better than keeping things the same and not improving at all. You could also alter the aspect you'd like to try so it does mold into your current style. Also if ur like me.. Parts of my style changes a LOT/ i have a few different styles and tbh that's okay.
If you wanna improve your anatomy, I usually go on pinterest.. tbh.. if the right person posted it, the examples you find can link back to the artists social media and you can find more things to study from their profile, or pinterest suggests some hella stuff. Basically I search things like 'animal anatomy' and use things like this or this to help my better my forms or dynamics.
If you have a hard time eyeballing, basic shapes and forms really help mesh out a final trace. It's also helpful to try out 'skeletal structure', for example, the pelvis can be reduced to a triangle, joints to circles and such. You probably know already.