Your art's cute, you definitely have potential!

I think you'd benefit the most from doing anatomy studies and trying to implement more realistic anatomy into your work!

Your faces are a bit squashed, and while there's absolutely nothing wrong with an anime style, your eyes are a bit big compared to the rest of the face and that leaves little space for the actual structure of the face, like lower bones, teeth, sinuses, etc.. The jawlines of your characters are also one straight diagonal line, when in real life and anime, there are deviations and curves that denote the jawline and chin. Remember that if you're going to draw large anime eyes, the rest of the face still has to be large enough to support those eyes. Another thing is the eyebrows; it's best to start accounting for forehead space early in your drawing career, never put them really high up into the hair/head, they're usually only an inch or so above the eyes even in anime! (Or, at least, there is a realistically-sized forehead on the character.)

As for the body anatomy, you definitely have a distinct style, but I would put more weight into it and use references. Your bodies are a bit to "curvy", try looking at references and putting in the soft curves and edges of body parts. Collarbones, muscle divets, etc. But do it subtly, especially if you prefer a more anime style.

This picture is good, but you're lacking parts of anatomy that make it go from beginner to medium-advanced. The absolute most important thing to remember about anatomy (in my opinion) is that there are parts inside of the body. Our stomachs aren't just an inward curve, there are numerous parts that make up that curve, and a ribcage that holds the top of the stomach together. Legs aren't just curved noodles, they're structured from bone and muscle. There's bone space in between limbs and the core body, such as where the arms meet the chest at the shoulder. The throat has a lot of cords and tubes and veins inside of it.

I went over a picture of yours here! It's not my best work, I'm really tired right now, but I hope it helped at least a little bit. My style is more semi-realism that anime, so I tried to keep that into account when going over the anatomy. Basically, I tried to make it obvious that there are parts inside of the body, such as the face and chest. Remember bones, ribcages, teeth, etc.!

Sorry if that seemed harsh, I tried to be helpful. Feel free to ask me any questions that you have!! ^^ I'm here to help!

And sorry that I didn't help on the coloring aspect, I'm still heavily struggling with it myself, so hopefully someone else can jump in and help with that! 


I think your art style is pretty cute!

Since anatomy has already been covered, I'll talk more about shading.

Your style is definitely more anime-like than anything, so I think it'd benefit from a cel shaded style of shading rather than a soft style. Maybe a mix of the two. Right now your shading looks a bit blurry, like the wings on the second pic. It makes the wings look more like one solid object, rather than separate feathers. Giving your shading sharper edges can really help show textures that your lineart doesn't.

Even if you'd prefer doing a softer shading style, I'd still recommend having at least some hard edges so that everything doesn't blend together.



Thank you so much for the advice! the reference was extremely helpful as well and I will continue to work on my anatomy as I realise its still a bit lacking. I didn't notice the eyebrow thing before so I'm glad you made me aware of that!

SonieTheDog Ill give it a shot! I've been trying to work on combining the two more recently but I will definitely take the harder edges into consideration.