Got Interesting/Creative Writing Prompts?

Posted 6 months, 23 hours ago by Fennuchi

How do you feel about Tumblr/Pinterest prompts?

1 Votes Don't like them
6 Votes They're okay, hard to find a good one though
2 Votes I personally like them alot!
2 Votes Meh..

Dump them here!

I cannot, for the life of me, find a storyline or prompts that would suit my cast of characters. All the prompts I've seen are really bad and corny. I'd like to see writing prompts that are just good ideas for potential character arcs and not "what if' scenarios. The prompts I see on Tumblr or Pinterest don't invoke a twinge of creativity in me, I just sit, staring blankly wondering who the hell thought these would be good ideas. I want to write something good, but i can't make anything out of trash. Actually reading doesn't really help either.