Need help pricing my art

Posted 2 months, 10 days ago (Edited 2 months, 10 days ago) by Parashy

So I think my tablet may be biting the dust soon, so I want some extra cash to help pay for a new one. 

I'm not sure what good prices may be, so I'm asking for help. What prices would you think would be acceptable? I have no reference points since before now, I've done pay-what-you-want commissions.



Hmm, you have a very clean and smooth af style, which definitely pulls up the price.

It kinda very much depends on how quick you are, how big your following is, and if you have some loyal regulars you can rely on to come back to you now and then, so I can suggest a price range, and you can choose based from where you stand.

I'd say your fullbodies should go for a minimum of $25, but that just being the very base price where you can add on to it if there's more details or features you struggle with drawing. So 25-30+ ish.
The headshots are fairly simple but still really smooth and clean, so I wouldn't shy away from 10-15. 10 for simpler characters and 15 for characters with extra detailing, such as big horns, intricate jewelry etc. 

If you're comfortable with doing intricate and or action'y poses, there's always the option of adding on that in the commission info where you can offer to draw the characters in more dynamic poses for a little more money.
You should also consider increasing the price if the characters include big and significant details or accessories, such as wings, intricate patterns, weapons etc.

Other than that I wish you good luck with replacing your tablet before it bites the dust! Good luck with the commissions as well!


Keigora Thanks so much! I'll definitely take what you said into consideration.


Your headshots/busts should be $15 at the very least- you've a nice, clean, vibrant style. It's gorgeous. Half-bodies look like they could go $20/25, full-bodies $30+. It looks like you have different shading styles for pieces such as the SU one and the one with a character saying "Blue...?" than the Samus + Peach, Daisy one (or maybe it's just my eyes, I don't have my glasses on), so you could charge different prices for them, or simply offer them as different styles. I really, REALLY enjoy your full-body pieces. I hope you get some sales soon, because you truly are incredible and have so much potential for different styles and such. Subscribed to see all that you do and wishing you the best of luck!


asmr Thank you so much!