Anatomy help?

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by mercuryart

Hey fellas! I’m working on this sketch and i feel like it isn’t quite right but being the idiot I am, Ive never thoroughly studied anatomy. Any suggestions would be great regarding anatomical proportions, thank you so much! :) 

I wanna fix any problems before i do lineart



Idk why I wasn't expecting to see fanart of Mirage but here we are hfhfdhfgh
COUGHS Ahem so far, so good! The only thing I see right off the bat is the head size in proportion to the actual body (most noticable where the arm is concerned)... size withstanding, the head shape and proportion of facial features looks really good, and the relation of arm/start of torso seems fair as well.
it's also fair to note the character himself is pretty stacked up on layered clothes, so maybe resizing the head would be for the best regardless of actual proportion? but maybe that's veering too close to stylistic territory.... :0



he isn’t my main but i love his character design so here we aRe

anyways thank you so much!! looking at his design he definitely has many thick layers so i see and understand where you’re coming from, hearing someone else’s input helps me see the big picture and i appreciate it :)


I think the head should be a little bit smaller and the forearm should be longer. Otherwise it looks great so far!

Edit: Also, maybe if you don't want the head smaller you could make the back/shoulders bigger


definitely think his arm should be a bit longer! 

try using the liquidate tool if you use photoshop. its super helpful for figuring out proportions without having to redraw stuff right away. 

I also use 'Design doll' to help with figuring out where arms and legs should be haha its dimensions are a bit animesque but they are still helpful with proportions if you keep that in mind.