What materials do you use to make your art?

Posted 4 months, 8 days ago by Parfaits

Share over here! I love reading about what materials people use / experiment with when creating art. Doesn't have to be limited to illustrating, feel free to share even if you make art in other forms!

Traditional artists, what materials? Digital artists, what programs? Illustrators, what tools do you use? Sketchbook brands?Brush settings? Digital painting style? Writers, what writing materials (books or inks etc.) do you use? Or writing programs? What writing style?

Even if you do animating, crafting, sewing, music, coding, feel free to share! 


For me, I'm a painter / illustrator by hobby and a designer by work! For traditional painting I use watercolour (Daniel Smith / Holbein), for digital illustration I use Clip Studio Paint and Procreate. For work I use Photoshop and Illustrator from Adobe Suite ✨


Digital art I mainly use medibang paint on my phone :D I have a galaxy note 8 and the stylus is pure bliss~♡ I also have MBP on my my laptop and have a wacom Intuos tablet but I haven't used it in a while;o;

Traditional art I mainly draw with pencil and pen, mostly school doodles nowadays. I haven't colored in so long but I have tombow brush pens; I use them as watercolors lol, and i have micron pens, gel pens, washi tape. I have various sketchbooks but I forget their brands lol ;; they're basic drawing ones though, or cheap ones, but I have one marker sketchbook that's not even halfway full yet ;; 


2b pencil/paser, ballpoint pen, ink calligraphy pen, then coloured digitally (in sai)


2b pencil/paser, then both lined and coloured digitally (again, in sai)

if i'm feeling cheeky i might use coloured pencils to colour but i don't do it often as it hurts my wrist bc i colour so aggressively 😅


I've been using Paint Tool SAI and GIMP since my first day of digital art. SAI is extremely easy to use and have the nicest vector tool, while GIMP is a free program that have a lot of great stuff for editing! (I did use Photoshop but I just prefer GIMP's interface, hahah-)

Though why I emphasized on vector tool earlier is because I mainly digital art with a mouse for almost 7 years now? Without it I wouldn't be able to make clean lines and cellshade nicely, and most art programs out there have the Photoshop-like vector tool which I'm not a fan of, hahah. 

While I did finally bought my first tablet last year, (and god you don't know how I WISHED I knew good non-Wacom tablets existed much earlier hsfdghaf)  I...clearly still need a lot of practice and you can see that my works with it are still more sketchy, haha. At least I'm not too restricted with programs now so I really am planning to get CSP and play around with Photoshop more! Though admittedly SAI still serve me well and it's hard to move to another program when you used one for that long...lol.

I haven't traditional art in quite a long time but I've always been a fan of Faber Castell brands for both pencil and pencil colours? Its just feels nice to use anything from the brand despite I only ever used those regular pencil colours for traditional-


Digital art wise, I use Corel Painter 2019 and gimp. For animation I use Krita. Sometimes I'll use MS paint for pixel art hahaha, but I found a way to do that on krita as well so it's mostly there.

On the rare occasion I'm doing traditional art, I prefer to use pens! I love pens. If I decide to colour it I like using markers, but I don't colour my traditional work very often. I usually just scan it in and finish it digitally


As far as art programs go, I use Clip Studio Paint (recently took advantage of a sale to upgrade from Pro to EX so I can animate without limitations). I used SAI and tried Photoshop in the past, but the latter just wasn't working out for me despite having features I liked while the former felt a tad lackluster (but fortunately easy to use, which allowed me to stick with it for a while), and I have since moved away from SAI and never looked back. Clip Studio Paint is essentially the best of both worlds and that works for me :)

For digital brushes, I have a brush megapack from Flyland Designs that gives me more than enough brushes to work with at this time (and that's not counting the "special" brushes that e.g. draw tiny sparkle particles for you). I like these a lot and really think they make a wonderful and inexpensive set for any digital artist.

When it comes to traditional art? Pencil and paper. That's all. Usually with an eraser and sometimes with a copic pen and/or colored pencils.


Traditional artists, what materials?

Back when I drew on paper, I'd just use a mechanical pencil...and paper. If I colored something (not often), some kind of outlining pen (a Sharpie, maybe?) and whatever colored pencils they sell at Wal-Mart (used to be Rose Art, I think). Nothing special.

Digital artists, what programs? Illustrators, what tools do you use? Sketchbook brands?Brush settings? Digital painting style?

I've been using the Sony Sketch app to try to draw digital stuff. I just use the available brushes (mostly a marker brush, I think it is); I fiddle with the colors and brush sizes, but I haven't tried anything special like layering yet, because I'm really confused and overwhelmed by more advanced art techniques/programs. (My devices probably couldn't handle the memory usage, anyway.) My digital art style is...quite amateur. :/

The latest dumb thing I created in Sony Sketch, for r/SketchDaily:


Writers, what writing materials (books or inks etc.) do you use? Or writing programs? What writing style?

This is my main art. I just write my stories in basic HTML in Notepad, and work on them on my tablet in the Dropbox text editor. Nothing fancy, I've found no real need for bells and whistles since I know how to write and I just need something that I can use between my laptop and my tablet. (I could really use help with keeping track of things like character details and plot points, and I briefly tried yWriter for that, but I don't know how to use it between my two devices, and I have so much writing that by now it'd take longer to take notes than to actually write.) My writing style is...longwinded, and mostly overlooked. :/

Tl;dr...I'm pretty cheap and no frills with the materials I use because I'm not very good at most art. So...I can't call myself much of an artist, I'm not even much of a writer.



Thanks for sharing! 💖 I don't think the materials matter tbh, as long as you're creating something, even if you draw with a stick on sand it can still be something beautiful, so believe in your work! Also, that landscape piece has good composition and depth! 

The only difference advanced materials can make (imo) is overcoming the learning curve faster, if you have the means to upgrade then it's worth a try but if you can't, just use what currently makes you comfortable.

For storing character details someone once recomemneded this app called Mindly to me, you can use it to make mindmaps based off ideas, and it seems to be free on the App Store! And mentioned in the earlier posts here, the program called Medibang is good for art too, the basics should be free, if I remember all you need was to register an account. ✨


i mainly use a wacom intuos draw w/ the desktop ver. of medibang paint on my pc. luckily at school there's also some more recent models of the small intuos, and i use one of them w/ an imac. i'm mainly used to digital art, and medibang is a p good free alternative to photoshop imo! .psd files are actually compatible w/ it and it's cool :'^)

as for traditional art?? idk man,, i'm trying to experiment w/ different materials. i recently got a set of posca pens n some koi watercolors n i'm excited to try em out!! sometimes i just doodle w/ a mechanical pencil lol


Digital Art: A wacom and medibang paint pro

Traditional art: A sad pencil and a rubber is all i need. Sometimes a pen and like, once a month, felt pens that are thought for being used by 5 years old.


I've been dabbling in digital art recently and I gotta say it's been really fun! I've tried a number of programs like Medibang, SAI, Firealpaca, etc. But I quickly fell in love with Clip Studio Paint. I bought it when it was on sale for a pretty good price and I think it's a great investment! However, since I'm also studying graphic design, Illustrator has become my go-to vector app over Corel (mainly due to its dark theme). As for traditional art, I sometimes use watercolors (Koi) but I tend to sketch a lot instead of making finished pieces when it comes to traditional art so: For sketching, I normally use a simple mechanical pencil with any kind of paper I can get my hands on, maybe biros when I'm feeling fancy lol.

I've also started using Krita for animation even though it shows a few minor glitches when I export them into mp4 from time to time. It's a great free alternative to Photoshop. I also use it for illustrations but it's usually for a specific style.

My favorite brushes are "shark brush" in csp for painting and "鉛筆R" for sketching :)

Tablet: Wacom Bamboo Manga