Critique the above users art!

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I'm not sure if this thread already exists but if it doesn't IT SHOULD, this is something I see alot of people asking advice about anyways!
If you're looking for a thread to comment on someone's art style with out critiquing them then feel free to look over here!
(Also yes I know this is technically a forum game however this game is more so aimed at artists and this thread is where most people ask for critiques so I thought it would get more attention by artists over here)

This thread in no way shape or form fosters harmful criticisms or tries to pass them off as valid critics therefor it's vital that you read and follow the rules. Anything less will not be tolerated. I have put multiple examples for the rules that might seem a bit more abstract but if you have any questions or if you see someone breaking the rules please pm me, it helps alot!


  • Harmful or negative language is not constructive and is not allowed. 
    • "Your art sucks/isn't good/needs ALOT of work/isn't my aesthetic/looks weird/etc" are all examples of negative language. If you put your own opinion into the post then chances are it's not constructive and it could be considered negative (an exception would be saying something like "I like your art, it's good", that would be appropriate even though that's an opinion because it's positive!)
    • "Your anatomy needs work" "I don't understand why you shade like _____" "You draw eyes really big" "You draw anime style" and the like similarly are not constructive if you were to say "Your anatomy needs work, here's some resources" "You draw eyes pretty big in proportion to the rest of the face, it looks nice but if you are aiming for a more realistic style i'd recommend ______" or "You draw in an anime style which is super cool however I see you also want to draw western comics so I think you might want to experiment with _________" are all constructive and would be appropriate!
    • Basically, don't say anything just to put your opinion out there, this thread is to help people improve on their art, you might not like that person's art style or you might not like what they're doing with it but you can still be helpful to that person and critique their art.
  • You must respond with atleast 2 descriptive sentences, if you do not I will ask the person below you to skip you until you fix your response.
    • In the event that someone skips you and you edit your response after I will write a critique for you!
    • Something like "Your art looks good" or "Your art looks good. Your shading is nice" do not follow this rule, none of those sentences are descriptive.
    • Something like "Your art looks good because you do ___________ which makes your shading look nice. I would recommend ___________ because it seems like you need to work on _______________" would be a proper response! It critiques something about the above person's art in a positive way that gives resources to get better and points out what the user is doing right!
  • Wait 2 posts before posting again!
  • Let the user below know if your art gallery has NSFW or gore depictions in it.
  • It helps if you tell the user below know what you want critiqued. If you have a really stylized style (e.g. you draw giant eyes or people with circles for noses) saying something like "I really like my anatomy however I want some help with shading" lets the person below you know what to comment on and will help you both avoid comments like "your anatomy is off" when that's not something you were asking for help on.
    • Similarly, if the person above says they do not want a certain thing critiqued try not to mention it!
    • With that in mind, if you decide to tell the person below that you don't want something critiqued please tell them what you do want critiqued otherwise it might be hard for them to respond to you with out bringing those things up.
  • You can ask either for a certain piece to be critiqued or for your style in general to be critiqued. Either post a link to a specific piece of art or to your art gallery!


  • Person 1: Here's a link to my art! I would like some advice on how to make my pieces look more dynamic.
  • Person 2: If you want to make your pieces look more dynamic then I would recommend doing some more atmospheric lighting in interesting hues and drawing more full bodies! When you do draw full bodies, I noticed that some of the poses tend to be a bit stiff so i'd also make sure to use some references here is a pose reference catalog that might help you out (Insert link)!
    For the person below, I would like a critique on this piece of work, I think I did good with the shading but something still seems off and I can't figure out what!
  • Etc etc
(For the first poster, you do not have to critique my art but if you decide to my examples are here! There is some gore and suggestive content otherwise I feel like my art's been a bit stagnant so if anyone has any specific thing y'all think I should work on feel free to point it out!)

I absolutely adore your style. You have gotten the hang of drawing males in a more bara style. Your face shapes have nice preportions and your shading is well placed and the body shapes are exaggerated in such a way that it gives a clear and unique style while still looking in proportion and not odd.

The only real critique I can give (and im bein real nit picky) is sometimes theirs a bit of same face syndrome. This is only across a few of your peices and I found it kinda hard to come up with anything. Your style is well developed and looks nice! Keep up the good work!