Invite Code Request Thread & Guide [UPDATED 3/25]

Posted 5 years, 8 months ago (Edited 1 month, 23 days ago) by Xen

Heyo. This is a master thread for both asking for invite codes, as well as those offering invite codes. Whether you need one for a friend, for yourself, or are giving or trading away codes, you're more than welcome to post here! Click the tabs above to see more information!

There are only 5 rules to abide by while posting:

Receiving Codes: If you got a code, please edit your original comment saying so. Just in case so people don't keep sending you more!
Offering Codes: If you post a group of codes, once they're all taken, edit the comment and remove them (or mark off already used ones)!
Posting Multiple Times: Limit your posts to once per page regardless of whether you are giving/asking for codes, this is to give others a chance to be seen.
'Reserving' Codes: Please don't lie about having taken a public code as a means of 'reserving' them. Only post if you're 100% sure your friend has taken it!
Unsolicited Messages: Unless a user has specified that it's ok to dm them for a code, sending messages to other users asking or begging for codes is prohibited.

These aren't rules, but rather suggestions to help you out!:

✔ If looking for a code, say how many you need, to avoid multiple posts in a row.
✔ I'd suggest telling whoever is wanting to join to use their code asap. Lots don't like hanging onto unused codes!
✔ If posting codes, regularly check your invitations list to which have been used, this prevents people from having to ping or message you when they use one.
✔ I would also say it's preferable to PM codes as majority of the time people snipe them.

If you have seen someone breaking the rules or have received unsolicited messages from a user, please let me know with proof. If you have been scammed by a user, consider posting to the service reviews forum and messaging me with a link to the thread. PSAs with enough proof will allow me to ban them from this thread. The following is a blacklist of users who have scammed users in the past. These users are prohibited from posting in this thread offering/seeking Toyhouse codes.

Creativecat/Firespirit2018 (TH) and all Alts. - PSA is currently in an invite-only beta. This means that you can only make an account if you enter an invite code when joining.

Invite codes are, on rare occasion, given out when the site feels it's ready for new users. More commonly however, users who pay for 'Premium', the site's premium service that gives you a few extra perks, will get 2 invite codes each week, which they can then give to others to allow them to make accounts. Users may also use codes to make additional or alternate accounts, such as an account for a community, adoptables, or just another account to store different characters on for the same person.

Premium Membership currently costs $4.95 a month, or $24.95 per year and premium users get codes at the end of every Sunday.

If you find yourself in need of an invite code, whether for yourself or a friend, and you already have an account you have a any number of options!

  • Consider purchasing premium! By doing so, you're helping to support the website, and help it grow faster!
  • Check this thread, sometimes users will post batches of codes or post allowing users to pm them for codes!
  • Post here! You can also simply post on this thread asking for codes!
  • Other options: Please check out the other tabs for additional options!

If you do not currently have Toyhouse account, you still have plenty of options for obtaining a code to join!

However, firstly, before I get into that, this is what not to do:

What does this mean? It means if someone has not made it expressly clear that they are giving out codes and want you to message them, do not assume that it is ok to message them asking for one. This also includes 'suggestions' or 'questions' that are a thinly veiled way of asking for codes (eg. "can you help me get a code?). This is also not limited to dms or pms. Commenting on their page, seeking them offsite, emailing them, or using any other form of communication to reach out to a user is not acceptable. Not to me, not to anyone on this thread, and especially not to any random user on toyhouse or offsite. Doing so continually constitutes harassment. Always make sure someone has made it clear that it is ok to message them asking for a code before you ask for one.

Here's what you can do in your search for a code!

  • Have a friend ask here!: If you do have a friend on Toyhouse, but they do not have any codes to offer you, ask them to post in this thread! Many nice users are willing to give them an invite code so you can join!
  • Check back with this thread!: Even if you have no friends on Toyhouse, sometimes users will post codes publicly here,  check back often and you might be able to use one before they get taken up!
  • Simply ask around!: Don't be afraid to post publicly offsite (without spamming) to see if there is anyone who can spare a code! A simple tweet, story, or post may let some kind users know you're looking for a code! Some of the best places to ask are on any pet sites or adoptables sites you may frequent! Deviantart, Twitter, and Instagram are also good places to let people know you are looking for a code! Many people are more than willing to give out spare codes to anyone who needs! Public posts only, please do not directly message users to ask for codes.
  • And lastly, trade!: Please visit that last tab to see what your options are if you choose to trade!
If you'd prefer to ask for yourself, and do not have an account yet, feel free to join our discord server for Toyhouse codes!: Link

Before we get into trading, keep in mind many users are willing to give codes out for free. I do not suggest trading, and especially do not suggest buying Toyhouse codes from other users. The only way of getting Toyhouse codes "officially" are by having an account and paying for premium. Also, while trading and selling Toyhouse codes are allowed, Toyhouse does not endorse or support trades. This means nobody here has any way of helping you in case you get scammed. Please use extreme caution when proceeding with a trade of any kind. Click here to see the official statement from Toyhouse on trading for codes.

With all that out of the way, seeing as trades and purchases do still happen and are allowed, here's a couple of suggestions if you're thinking about trading or buying:

  • If they have a public journal or profile, check comments to see if there have been any recent complaints or hidden comments
  • There is currently no official or toyhouse-sanctioned "vendor" for codes other than paying for premium. Anyone suggesting they are "with toyhouse" or "official" in any way- is lying and possibly trying to scam you.
  • If doing art, never show the final piece of work before you have received your code, if they require you to show proof, resize the art to a small size (<300 px), put a mostly opaque watermark right in the center, and save it as a jpeg before you show them anything without having received payment.
  • If offering money, never buy Toyhouse codes from anyone asking for more than $1-3 or so for it; Its not worth it, Toyhouse codes are obtained for essentially cents on the [US] dollar.
  • Never ever send money via 'friends and family', especially not if they ask you to or offer a 'discount' for doing so. Always send as goods and services. Friends and Family does not offer purchase protection and prevents you from asking for a refund if they don't deliver. Other money transfer apps such as Cashapp or Venmo also do not offer purchase protection and are thus not suggested.
  • If offering any kind of virtual currency (da points, in-game pets, items, gold, ect) Make sure the site in which the trade is being conducted allows off-site trading. Some popular ones such as Animal Jam and Transformice do not. Always proceed with caution, Toyhouse codes are easy to get and replaceable, and are often never worth valuable or limited in-game items.
  • Once again, I do not suggest trading for Toyhouse codes, most people are nice and will reach out to you if you ask.

Hello, I need 2 codes for my two bestfriends who would reaaally love to get an account here. If anyone has 2 codes, please PM me :D


novaraptor :

Is  jfIFFfvsHF still avaliable, or have they all been taken by now??


Hullo! If any of you dont mind, id like a code for my friend!



Don't worry about it~ I was actually askin' for someone else who seemed a bit confused, so it's not a problem at all. They got a code now, so we're all good. ^^

Thanks for respondin' though!!


Oh, cool! Glad to see this thread being remade.

I actually need quite a few codes, at the moment the RP group that I host needs five. If you'd like, I could draw something in return for them. Please PM them to me if you have them.


 I have 5 codes. Please PM me if you'd like one. I'm only giving one per person so please don't ask for the whole batch. I don't think it would be fair to give them all to one person.


 Hello! I need a code if possible. One of my best friend is wanting to join ;v;


I need a code for a friend who is wanting to join! If anyone could help that'd be splendid. :)