Invite Code Request Thread (Update- 4/25)

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago (Edited 3 months, 24 days ago) by Xen

I see the occasional thread pop up where people need more invite codes, so I thought it'd be easier to just make a "master" thread.

I'd like to implement these three rules to help everyone in this thread. Please follow this to the best of your abilities:

✘ If you got a code, please edit your original comment saying so. Just in case so people don't keep sending you more!
✘ If you post a group of codes, once they're all taken, edit the comment and remove them (or mark off already used ones)!
✘ Please don't lie about having taken a public code as a means of 'reserving' them. Only post if you're 100% sure your friend has taken it!

These ones aren't rules, but some guidelines to help people. These are simply tidbits to help you out!

  • If looking for a code, say how many you need, to avoid multiple posts in a row.
  • I'd suggest telling whoever is wanting to join to use their code asap. Lots don't like hanging onto unused codes!
  • I'd also suggest people ping a user if they took a code they posted (unless the OP says otherwise).
  • I would also say it's preferable to PM codes as majority of the time people snipe them.


Please be aware when buying or receiving codes from the following users, people on this list have scammed others in the past. These users are prohibited from posting in this thread offering/seeking Toyhouse codes.

  • Blazestarwarriorcats/Catherinedrawzzz (DA) ||| Creativecat/Firespirit2018 (TH) and all Alts. - PSA

silver-latias I got you, just PM me on skype


i'd love to get a code for a frequent customer of mine, if i could ovo



vhGuZm6n2w A friend of mine took this one, thank you so much ^^


A good friend of mine really wants to join ^^ Is it possible for someone to give me a code?

Thanks cx


Hello everyone! I'm in need of a code for my best friend. She needs somewhere to store chara information and she's curious about TH since I talk about it.


Hi guys! A friend of mine wants to have an invite code to toyhouse, she has a lot of pretty O.Cs so please help me out!


Hello! I'm in need of a code! I could really use the help ^^



Took KiUvhqqGg1 for someone!

ow9hFyxgIb didn't seem to work for the person given to


I have 12 codes available.

Please note:

1. You can't have one if I've given you one previously or you've used one from me previously.

2. I will only give one per person and not batches.

PM me if interested and I should be in pretty frequently this week and get back to the first dozen responders with the codes but delivery time will be somewhere between 24-72 hours just as an FYI. I won't be popping in and out of the forum so pnly PM requests will apply. Thanks!


Hello can I get a code for my friend and sister? :D 


Hello there~ I've an artist friend who would love to join! If I could ask for an invite code it would be much appreciated. :)


I used Drw6zCJU25, thank you Gazarath!


I am back haha I got another friend interested in this website and I need another invite code, please pm me on here or (preferably ) dm me on instagram: your_broken_dolly 

EDIT: I just got one nevermind


Yo, I've got a friend who's intrested in joining (with some very good character designs,) I'd love if someone could PM me a code!