Invite Code Request Thread and Guide (UPDATE-9/15)

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago (Edited 2 months, 23 days ago) by Xen

I see the occasional thread pop up where people need more invite codes, so I thought it'd be easier to just make a "master" thread. Here you are free to ask to invite codes for yourself, your friends or any other reasons. You are also free to give away, sell, or trade codes in return for things like art or points!

I'd like to implement these four rules to help everyone in this thread. Please follow this to the best of your abilities:

✘ If you got a code, please edit your original comment saying so. Just in case so people don't keep sending you more!
✘ When posting a group of codes, once they're all taken, edit the comment and remove them (or mark off already used ones)!
✘ Please don't lie about having taken a public code as a means of 'reserving' them. Only post if you're 100% sure your friend has taken it!
✘ Limit your posts to a maximum of once per page, regardless of whether you are giving/asking for codes. Do not spam the same message.

These ones aren't rules, but some guidelines to help people. These are simply tidbits to help you out!

  • If looking for a code, say how many you need, to avoid multiple posts in a row.
  • I'd suggest telling whoever is wanting to join to use their code asap. Lots don't like hanging onto unused codes!
  • I'd also suggest people ping a user if they took a code they posted (unless the OP says otherwise).
  • I would also say it's preferable to PM codes as majority of the time people snipe them.
  • Be clear in what you are looking for, if anything. If you want art in return for a code, state so clearly, don't goad people into messaging you thinking you are gifting codes only to tell them they are trade only.

Don't have an account yet? Here are some helpful ways to get Toyhouse codes!

Toyhouse Code Guide

Prefer to ask yourself?: If you have a Discord, and are either looking for codes or willing to donate codes, we invite you to join our off-site community based on giving codes here. Keep in mind there are limitations and rules you must mind!

Ask your friend!: Firstly, if you have a friend who is already on Toyhouse, ask them if they have any invite codes available, users who have purchased premium get two codes each week! Non premium users may get them rarely when the site is ready for more users. 

Have a friend ask here!: If you do have a friend on Toyhouse, but they do not have any codes to offer you, ask them to post in this thread! Many nice users are willing to give pm them an invite code so you can join!

Check back with this thread!: Even if you have no friends on Toyhouse, sometimes users will post codes publicly here, check back often and you might be able to use one before they get taken up!

Simply ask around!: Don't be afraid to post publicly offsite (without spamming) to see if there is anyone who can spare a code! Some of the best places to ask are on any pet sites or adoptables sites you may frequent (eg. Chicken Smoothie, Flight Rising, ect)! Deviantart, Twitter, and Instagram are also good places to let people know you are looking for a code! Many people are more than willing to give out spare codes to anyone who needs! That being said, please refrain from directly pm'ing people who have not explicitly offered codes to the public, many might find this annoying.

And lastly, trade!: Look around or google search for anyone who is offering Toyhouse codes in exchange for art/points/ect! (Deviantart is a good place to start) But please be aware: Trades are allowed, but are not endorsed or supported in any way by Toyhouse itself, so nobody here has any way of helping you in case you get scammed. Please use extreme caution when proceeding with a trade of any kind.

Some good tips for trades:

  • If they have a public journal or profile, check comments to see if there have been any recent complaints or hidden comments
  • If doing art, never show the final piece of work before you have received your code, if they require you to show proof, resize the art to a small size (<300 px), put a mostly opaque watermark right in the center, and save it as a jpeg before you show them anything without having received payment.
  • If offering money, never buy Toyhouse codes from anyone asking for more than $1-3 or so for it; Its not worth it, Toyhouse codes are obtained for essentially cents. Never ever send money via 'friends and family', especially not if they ask you to. This prevents you from asking for a refund if they don't deliver and can have your Paypal account closed. (see here)
  • If offering any kind of virtual currency (da points, in-game pets, items, gold, ect) Make sure the site in which the trade is being conducted allows off-site trades, (some popular ones such as Animal Jam do not) and proceed with caution, if possible only send half of the payment first and be ready to contact an admin to retrieve your items if they do not deliver.
  • Once again, I do not suggest trading for Toyhouse codes, most people are nice and will reach out to you if you ask.


Please be aware when buying or receiving codes from the following users, people on this list have scammed others in the past. These users are prohibited from posting in this thread offering/seeking Toyhouse codes.

  • Blazestarwarriorcats/Catherinedrawzzz (DA) ||| Creativecat/Firespirit2018 (TH) and all Alts. - PSA

silver-latias I got you, just PM me on skype


i'd love to get a code for a frequent customer of mine, if i could ovo



vhGuZm6n2w A friend of mine took this one, thank you so much ^^


A good friend of mine really wants to join ^^ Is it possible for someone to give me a code?

Thanks cx


Hello everyone! I'm in need of a code for my best friend. She needs somewhere to store chara information and she's curious about TH since I talk about it.


Hi guys! A friend of mine wants to have an invite code to toyhouse, she has a lot of pretty O.Cs so please help me out!


Hello! I'm in need of a code! I could really use the help ^^



Took KiUvhqqGg1 for someone!

ow9hFyxgIb didn't seem to work for the person given to


I have 12 codes available.

Please note:

1. You can't have one if I've given you one previously or you've used one from me previously.

2. I will only give one per person and not batches.

PM me if interested and I should be in pretty frequently this week and get back to the first dozen responders with the codes but delivery time will be somewhere between 24-72 hours just as an FYI. I won't be popping in and out of the forum so pnly PM requests will apply. Thanks!


Hello can I get a code for my friend and sister? :D 


Hello there~ I've an artist friend who would love to join! If I could ask for an invite code it would be much appreciated. :)


I used Drw6zCJU25, thank you Gazarath!


I am back haha I got another friend interested in this website and I need another invite code, please pm me on here or (preferably ) dm me on instagram: your_broken_dolly 

EDIT: I just got one nevermind


Yo, I've got a friend who's intrested in joining (with some very good character designs,) I'd love if someone could PM me a code!