Why didya choose your pfp?

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by mudkip

I chose the one i have right now because i was trying to find Profile photos for Chicken Smoothie of Shadow (He's my favorite character of all time) and i saw it. It was really dumb so i saved it and now a few days later i'm using it. Why'd you choose your pfp?

(Here's an edit. It isn't the one i have now. It was Sonic.exe in Roblox.)


toyosatomimi no miko is cool and so is touhou


i like to have my pfp as my main OC and i changed it just like... yesterday or smthn? bc i drew a new art of him i really liked :D


I wanted to have my own art there for once since people sometimes mistake my 70s shoujo avatars as mine and I feel super guilty bc I'm nowhere near that good lmao
Also Cyrus is my Special Boy I absolutely have a special soft spot for him 


because my fursona is a fennec fox and i like fennec foxes


Because it's probably the most neutral icon I have of my fursona.
And my fursona is basically me, and has been my avatar profile pic everywhere since I discovered the internet about 14 years ago.


Because Lilina is best FE girl


Because she is my small furry child and she purr!


 Maxie is hot lmao