Why didya choose your pfp?

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by idiot

I chose the one i have right now because i was trying to find Profile photos for Chicken Smoothie of Shadow (He's my favorite character of all time) and i saw it. It was really dumb so i saved it and now a few days later i'm using it. Why'd you choose your pfp?

(Here's an edit. It isn't the one i have now. It was Sonic.exe in Roblox.)


I drew Gremlin Lilina unironically (GremLilina?)


it was low poly 3d bird from daytona usa time at like 2am


I'm bad choosing icons, so i made this one temporally. 

I've been with a provisional icon for more than a year.

I think that at this point is my trademark or something.


I like Hollywood Undead, I used to have another animated avatar of Danny, but it got outdated pretty quickly so I decided to snag a cool part off of one of their newer music videos, ended up working pretty well. I don't know why I keep this avatar considering my avatar on every other site is completely different, but I guess since this is more of a personal account than anything and I've had it for so long it feels weird to change it at this point lmao.