Why didya choose your pfp?

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago (Edited 2 years, 6 months ago) by hopesauce

I chose the one i have right now because i was trying to find Profile photos for Chicken Smoothie of Shadow (He's my favorite character of all time) and i saw it. It was really dumb so i saved it and now a few days later i'm using it. Why'd you choose your pfp?

(Here's an edit. It isn't the one i have now. It was Sonic.exe in Roblox.)


<3 Juliet has nudged her way into my heart and KamiNoYandere (on deviantart) captured her essence beautifully <3 To be honest I never thought I'd use anyone other than Sora as a pfp <3 so it's something new


i think it's so funny

but apparently it's 'scary' and 'disconcerting' 


because it's a big mood


because yes


It's a Puyo Puyo character cosplaying as my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character and it's official art so i HAD to use it.

Also apparently Satan is actually a huge creep so that was going


Cause I saw this thing in an ashens video and 


Look at it

I had to 


cause i drew it and its also my baby


This gif of Arle is cute so


I'm not sure I will keep it for too long but I'm into F-zero recently and i thought having an icon of Mr. Zero would be funny...
I like his face !


I was bored and did sum pixel art. lol


I felt like drawing best girl Lilina today, and it looked a lot better than I expected, but it was updated, because her hair blends with the old background, and it bothers me.