Artist Identification Thread

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago (Edited 1 year, 10 months ago) by minsu

Have a piece of art that you aren't sure who drew? Post here and maybe someone will recognize the piece or style and help you out!




Is that a mini signature? Can you zoom in on that?


It is, but it just look like a scribbly star to me.


I got this girl from a trade but they didn't know the artist. Anyone mind identifying who made her?


If I could actually log into my deviantART account it'd make it a lot easier to find the one who drew this for me but here is what I need help finding~

I always save stuff people draw me straight from the source so it keeps the actual artists name in the file but for some reason when I went to upload it the filename was just random so yeah xD

In case the image doesn't show:



Pinipy Heres the link to the deviation I think ~ >>


TreeTale Thank you! They changed their username which is why I couldn't find it lmao.


So idk how well this will go but I'm looking for the artist of the various arts of ticho

I bought him the other day from dirt moth on gaia online but he came with a lot more art than i expected e3e


a-brilliant-loser oh god gaia, I def. recognize some of these art styles so I might be able to dig up some usernames for you but no promises on a tumblr/deviantart name...


minsu : even that much would be a huge help thank you♡


Hi! > v < I bought this character from a resell and,

I have no idea who made him or his extras! :(

If anyone could help me out, that'd be totally rad! thanks


Couple of things. First if anyone knows who did this art that would be great. Art Link I know it says its by Crysalis but I don't know if this is a DA user or a user on some other website or what and I would love a link to their profile so I could know.

Second when I bought this character some of their art was lost. If you know of any art of this character missing from here that would be amazing!


help identifying artist for -->

and -->


i think the artists here are from DA ; v ;



I believe this person is the creator as their weebly here says they used to go by cry. I admit this did take me a lot of investigating around but things like this are fun for me LMAO//sweats


@HIBU I only managed to find this one QQ mayhaps rkzn may know of the others?