Artist Identification Thread

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago (Edited 1 year, 6 months ago) by minsu

Have a piece of art that you aren't sure who drew? Post here and maybe someone will recognize the piece or style and help you out!


Okayyy I have quite a few creditless characters I'm stumped on ;u; Most of them I got as freebies on various threads/journals. I would love to find out who created them/their art!

First is Sakari. She came with no URL but just the name 'Lighyst' in her creator credits and on her art. I've tried searching for this 'Lighyst' on here, deviantART, twitter, and chickensmoothie, but no luck, unless I just totally missed it lol

Next we have this boy. He's got the username ADOPTACORE on his image so I assume that's his creator, but they weren't on here, twitter, or deviantART that I could see.

Mikio has 'Sharkeu' in her creator credits. Checked both here and deviantART, no dice. I tried going to the base on dA to see if the batch was posted in there, but comments were disabled and the base creator has deactivated. I spent a couple hours digging around through search results on dA to see if I could find adopt sheets with that base, but no luck finding Mikio's batch.

This guy  and this guy have no names attached to them or their art.

Still no luck with this guy, again, no names attached to him.


This isn't so much artist credit as it is the art being deleted in a double image glitch and I don't know who the artist is/ have it saved as I literally just got this character in a trade. 

Any help appreciated in recognising the artist so I can contact them! Any search filters don't work as it isn't a public domain piece (being a thumbnail).

It's this character: (well the images are also on this tab:

This is the art as I have a tab open when it didn't screw up: