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A vent board...interesting. 

Here is a vent- I am...incredibly tired of professors who are too busy to teach their classes efficiently. I was assigned over 400 pages of reading in the last 10 days, and am expected to take a quiz on the various sources. Why is it like this? Because the professor can't be bothered to tailor his class materials correctly. Already 25 people have dropped, this class is becoming so tiny. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing gets cancelled in the end. 


really not looking forward to farming the centurio seals it'll take to get my dyeable coat houh houh this server already has no hunt etiquette i'm sure it'll be nonexistent now


-buries face- why can't I find explicit fics with the characters I like that aren't also super gross in some way


I'm so done with waiting on this rlc I ordered last June, that I kind of don't care if I get it anymore or not.


I'm in quite the toxic relationship with my mom... she refuses to accept that I am not a christian like her.

last time i tried to leave church before the two hours of torture started she pulled me out and told me that she was "going to make me misrable" if i didn't cooperate and let it go and sit down. last time i disrespect her she forced me to stay in one place by pushing me at my nexk and i'm afraid of acting on anything

as you can imagine I wasted some time crying over this

I have a ftiend of mine irl who keeps weaving jesus and god into conversations sometimes and I really can't take it. I get it, its what you believe in and i won't say anything disrespectful to you tbut  the religion from experience has been very hateful towards me

I don't know if i can rake another sunday of sitting for two hourslistening to catholics sing and preach about divine judgement in this religion. 


when some edgy dick calls your lesbian ship, that has pretty much only you as the shipper, disgusting in a pub tag. like fuck you too, dude. 

I don't even get it, I'm the only one posting about it and trying to give it attention so I tag it! But the thing is I posted no headcanons / theories, so the only reason they have for calling it disgusting is because it's two females. They also called a popular gay male ship disgusting, and yet their main ship involves a female and male from those ships.

like.. transparent af. I see your homophobia.


Literally.... I just want a decent team in Overwatch.... Please.....

And my usual OW buddy hasn't been on since school started because he's a teacher RIP me


The backlight for my keyboard kept staying on even while he computer was off, and now that it's on the backlight seems to be broken for good. RIP G16


I'm always tired pls send help


I stress myself out over things that are inconsequential and it hinders my progress of things. :V I need to get over it


oh god idk why but I suddenly feel like death it was probably dinner actually uuuGGHGHGHGHG


I went to take a nap with my fiance, I was resting soundly on his chest and then suddenly--WHACK. He dropped his phone on my nose. ow ow ow ow ow