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i think people on this site are very rude. they push their adoptable posts 24/7 - as much as possible - so it stays on top all the time without thinking about other people who try to sell.


Yeah, I DO think that what you said was stupid. Does it deserve you getting bullied as a response? No. Nobody deserves to get bullied. I tried to be there for you and comfort you but you just whined and threw a fit and said I was treating you like a kid because I called you "buddy" ...That's kinda who I call all my friends, dude. I constantly waited in class for you, I stopped by your locker to talk to you for days on end, I am and have been more than willing to talk and joke with you.

But I'm not gonna take that shit. I can't fucking control depression and anxiety. YOU can watch your mouth — YOU can control what you say, I can't fucking just rip depression and anxiety out of my brain. That's not how it fucking works, I WISH it was, but it fuckin' isn't. There is no fucking reason to throw a fit over my fucking disagnosed depression and anxiety that I have no control overI'm there for you as much as possible but then it's all my fault, and you have to try to take a punch for the jugular by trying to insult me where it hurts? Then, you fucking cry like a bitch when I say I'm not going to be in a relationship with you? I'm not going to let myself be treated like that. Fuck you. I'm never going to be your boyfriend ever again. I'm not a fucking doormat. I'm a person. 


you're not even gonna remember this conversation tomorrow you wasted shit, fuck off


squint another one


so let me get this straight...

- you’ll block me from using literally 90% of the apps on my phone

- you’ll force me to somehow come up with money for something that costs literally $16 and is reqd because my car won’t likely be drivable for the week without it because I lost it friday even though i have literally $2 of it here and $12 of it halfway across town and so I need help to pay for it

- you’ll yell at me when i get angry that you won’t spare a single cent for me

are moms just built to make lives more difficult?


When someone blocks you for LITERALLY no reason?? Like I’ve never talked to them?? I don’t even know them and They just blocked me out of nowhere? I can’t say how I found this out but XD UGH people like that I’ll never understand 🤔 but what can you do about it lol it’s not the end of the world but it still makes me mad


stop complaining about me getting "unfair special treatment in class", i have gone through so many fucking hoops to be able to get the help i need you unfrosted pop tart of a human being


I'm so scaredddd


every time i look at you i see a reflection of myself and my life has basically been me looking at myself in third person and seeing you suffer the same way i did/am and it hurts so fucking much. 
we are both sick of being alive, but at least we've got each other and are pushing each other to stay alive because one cannot live without the other. we are trying but sometimes it really fucking hurts.
 maybe we should try harder, but honestly it feels like the entire world is against us, and we are tired.


I gotta remember that I’m making my ocs for me. No one else.

Kinda hard when no one pays any attention tho ;0

I kinda stink at design so unsurprising there :)

I guess I’m being a baby though 

Also @ myself why do I feel like someting isn’t quite right all the time? Like Im forgetting something overdue? Good lord just let me relax I don’t need this in my life :’)