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what a time to be alive

(not...nsfw but i mean)

[Coughs] I think I'm dying [Coughs]

No seriously I think I have a cold and I'm dying gOD DAMN IT

i need to stop changing my icon, but also, mag frag 2,,,,,,,,

blegh i swear i have a curse on me or something, or i'm just super ugly???

everyone has dated someone/likes someone who likes them in my grade and no one has ever liked me EVER

i mean maybe i'm just a shitty person

i'll probably be single when i die because i'm a piece of utter shit and no one loves me

sorry that i'm not pretty enough


Thanksgiving is off to a great start, first I feel sick, the dog runs away into the woods, my brother starts being a little shit as per usual, not to mention the stuff I'll be dreading today including all-day plans with my grandparents that I can't be myself around!! Fun!!!

Someone just kill me now please I don't want to deal with this

sure does feel nice to see a artist not really liking your character once they draw them.. 

but oh well can't really do anything against it.

Why is it whenever my brother does something wrong, I also get yelled at? What the fuck did I do? I'm trying to fucking help you, not start shit but I'll start shit if you want me to, fuck.

im so hungry and i have such a bad headache but the food won't be done for a while, plz feed me cookies under the table or something

Happy thanksgiving, found out grandpa has dementia. Yay

sure love it when my so called friends make plans in front of me and exclude me :,) "we're doing it for your safety" my arse

I hate children so damn much

My mom thinks it's selfish that I'm gay because I won't be giving her grandchildren

Children annoy me and piss me off

And now my wrist is fucked because of a fucking child

I'm so pissed I hate all of this

I'm also fucked because a damn child spilled my meds and they were unusable because of that so now I can feel my soul about to drop because the meds were for my depression and anxiety and other things and I can't get them refilled until Monday

I didn't get to take them today and I already feel the toll from it

I hate kids

I do not have time for roleplays... *keep making and putting characters in roleplay groups* 

I need to stop. DX

why does this always fucking happen. i don't act 100% perfect and then everything's my fault, it doesn't matter if my feelings get hurt because i'm always in the wrong aren't i

nobody cares about me. nobody cares about my feelings. nobody cares that i'm hurt. nobody cares

tfw your tablet is broken so you can't make art and you haven't had time to make refs yet and no one wants to draw your basic-looking ref-less characters so you're stuck in a purgatory of characters that have designs and stories in your head but you feel like there's no point in writing long stories/profiles anyways because no one cares if there's not a picture to go with it

and you can't complain about it anywhere because people will think you're begging for art :^)


when you draw too close to the binding but its too fucking late