Spill it with Images.

Posted 6 months, 29 days ago (Edited 1 month, 2 days ago) by Tsukishima


Because I end up doing it on the Vent Board a lot.
Just post a GIF or image related to your mood and troubles.
Can be positive, can be negative.

Post as frequently as you want to, I really don't mind. 

Let it aaaaaaaaallllll out with pictures
(and text if you want to, but make sure there's at least one pic)
It can be happy, sad, salty, etc, anything!
Let us know you've had a great day!
Get salty about some off site stuff.
Talk about your thoughts,
Go nuts~!

I won't restrict or ask anyone to change their posts,
but please do not name drop.

Try not to throw down anything to cause arguments.
Racism, bigotry, you know the stuff.

This includes wishing death or harm on anyone.
This is a venting thread, please try and make
everyone feel at least a little bit  welcomed,
and avoid using nasty phrases and topics aimed
at any group of persons. You don't know who's going
through what. 

B A N N E D    U S E R S


please do not interact with anyone
on the banned users list

Why tho?

oops I posted before it was changed to gif, hope that's ok


rn i'm just..

abuse it all you want to ♥

tbh me @ me for thinking this might not blow up 

Current emotion:

pls calm thy tootens

i just want to have some fun is that so hard to ask for