New FE Heroes thread!

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Since the old one's dead. Have fun folks


time to copypaste my post from the other thread whoops *the one chatango emoji with the hands covering the face that i'm too lazy to gyazo*

I know a lot of people have been struggling with it and some of the rewards require a ridiculous amount of investment, but I'm honestly having a lot of fun with the Tempest! The 5-stage Lunatic tier is pretty comfortable for me; I can usually get through the first 4 stages with ease without it becoming tedious, and though sometimes I still wipe on the final stage if I mess up my positioning or the composition is really against me I've been getting much better at managing it.

If you have a unit who can bait and counter-kill the mounted mage on the right, someone who can tank the mounted unit on the left, and/or someone who can oneshot the armor unit and get danced/drawn back out of the mounted mage's range then it gets much easier to deal with. Veronica is really rough, though, so I'm just lucky that I have an Ike who can counterkill her. I don't know I survived before Ike, honestly... his tanking abilities plus Ragnell plus Heavy Blade is pretty bonkers. If I wipe on the last stage

I've been struggling a lot in arena lately (ever since making my Ike +2 [because the RNG gods are cruel and kept making me roll Ikes in front of my friends who wanted an Ike and never managed to roll a single one] I keep running into a lot of whale teams), so Tempest is really nice since it's challenging without being frustrating (usually) and you still get rewarded for your "streak" being broken!

It's also funny because Genny was making arena really difficult for me when I had her as a bonus unit in arena because she wound up being kinda dead weight despite being a pretty solid unit, but in the Tempest - with the exact same team composition as those weeks in arena - she's an absolute godsend. My team works really well in there, with Ike there to counterkill most things (especially Veronica), Linde to be the glass cannon to end all glass cannons, Gronnraven Camilla to take care of colorless & blue units in addition to being a surprisingly good tank herself, and Genny to both provide healing and finish off some units in addition to being able to tank magic pretty decently. It's really nice having a mode where healers aren't just relevant, but practically necessary!

...Of course if my first team dies then I'll probably wipe entirely since Ike is my only red (trying to get up Xander but my stam is so dedicated to Tempest now that he's hanging around in the 20s...) and both Linde and Camilla are my only 5* leveled ranged blue and green. Everyone else is either colorless - not particularly helpful on that last map, especially since Kagero only has two infantry units to be useful against and she can't oneshot Veronica from full HP even with Desperation active in my experience - or a lancer (AKA instant Veronica death). I've definitely had a couple of clutch victories with my B-teams, though, and it can honestly be a lot of fun to figure out how to win with a bunch of units who really aren't suited to the map!

Also a tip: if you don't have any of the bonus units all leveled and 5-starred and what-have-you, you can start the Tempest with a team of just that bonus unit (probably a 3* M!Robin since those are fairly common), let them die, and then bring in your A-team and only suffer a minor penalty to your survival score while still getting the +40% bonus from using that bonus unit! It's been a lifesaver for me since the path to the Quickened Pulse seal is going to be tedious enough With a bonus unit, much less without one.


tfw i didn't get lucina


I literally haven't opened Heroes up in like 2 weeks now.. ever since the last big update I've been too lazy to fully update...
plus there's Shadows of Valentia to play.. ; _ ;


I log on once a day to get my daily loots and then literally don't touch the game again the rest of the day. I'm terrible xD I'm too busy playing FFRK, FFBE or Idle Heroes xD


I haven't tried the Tempest stuff yet... but I really hope it runs as smoothly as the arena battles. Arena matches and Training Tower battles and sometimes the gauntlet can usually run well and only crashes after the battle is finished. All Story battles and most special ones always crash between every single move... Having to win multiple fights in a row worries me just because that means a lot of opportunities to crash and make each battle three times as long due to reloading every time someone takes a step. ^^;


veery slowly makin my way up to gettin those 6k points for that free unit........... i keep losing, so progress has been very slow ;___;


double post, but..... PROGRESS!!!! I'm slowly gettin there, folks.......




I got y!Tiki on the last great banner ;w; and I hope I can pull Lucina on the Tempest banner.....  This is the most fun I've had with the game for a while. I love that the healers are kicking arse in the tempest trails, my 4*Priscilla is golden.


Genny and her wrathful staff are D E A T H......... lord.

I'm so glad I have her


All I want is my potato husband and my glutton waifu, please game that's all I ask ;;


Yay new thread :D

Tempest Trials aren't TOO bad, except on the hardest difficulty. It's a little tough up there, especially on the last few maps. That said, I feel pretty good to have around 25k points right now. Hoping to reach 30k at least by the end of the day. HealerLucina is working wonders for my team. Glad I pulled her alongside a second 5* Eirika a while back.

Also happy I managed to pulle BrideLyn from the banner yesterday! Now I won't feel bad if I get nothing else from it since I at least got one of the bride units :'D Also pulled a 5* Camilla so yay full flier time now.


BrideCharlotte is the only bride I need tbh, I'm so glad I got her on the first roll.....


Papes nice! I hope to pull either BrideCordelia or BrideCaeda next. I could probably use BrideCordelia more since I lack a 5* archer still, but I also really like BrideCaeda's design ;w; (I also have too many 5* lancer users now)

Unrelated to banners, but I think I've grown to hate seeing 40 Res Felicia, Niles and Jagen more than I ever thought I would thanks to the Tempest Trials. ono