New FE Heroes thread!

Posted 5 months, 14 days ago (Edited 4 months, 30 days ago) by Papes

Since the old one's dead. Have fun folks

I WAS SO READY TO WHALE FOR LUTE but now i want to save up all of my orbs for that special hero fest-esque mega banner oh god what do i do i dont have enough orbs for everything and i still didnt get anyone off of the halloween banner aaaaaaaa

so much stuff was announced that im too hype to even talk about it all........ just lies down and screams

Lyon . . . *sobbing*

On the other hand, the weapon upgrade system means I can improve my Soren & Ephraim further +_+ fucking powercreep time to dieeeeee

Joshua and Lute were enough to make me happy. Great art and stat. :D 

The new Book II stuff looks really interesting as well. ouo

Joshua: Great art + S tier voice means he'a getting the insta 5* treatment from me. :D

Just got Lute!!! Super excited to train her up. :D

The wait for Monday is getting excrutiating o.o

Gonna hope for a second Hector on the 8% banner to give the Tempest King DC.

I hope Lyon is the boss for this Tempest Trial, just so I know he exists . . .  T-T


Deirdre is soooooooooo freaking gorgeous I didn't get her during her banner but maybe this time!!! too bad Ephraim's not in it tho, and all the blues seem kinda meh . . .

and my friend would prob get her Dwyer from the fates children banner, while I finally get a banner I can safely skip!! unless Soleil comes out instead of the other more popular children X'D