What's Toyhou.se listening to?

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago (Edited 1 year, 8 months ago) by Snaptrap

cause i really like threads like these. and they can maybe help people discover new music so. yeah.

just post whatever your currently listening to ! (and if you link your song, make sure to give a warning if it's nsfw, obvs)


Little Dragon - Lover Chanting so cute... so nostalgic... it's like a runescape/second life fanvid lmao


Anemone Heart - μ's (Love Live!)

I love/hate this song. Love because is really cool  and i like it (and kotoumi used to be my otp some years ago). Hate because is IMPOSSIBLE to play on NORMAL level without wasting Love Gems.


Starry Eyed - Linus from the Stars 

Discovered nanobii’s work as LftS a few weeks back when Spotify radio made a station for Tennis Elbow after I ran out of saved songs. I can see why! It’s definitely got that early Adam Young/Owl City vibe. He’s currently working on a full-length album, iirc, and I’m looking forward to it!