The General Comments Thread

Posted 4 months, 2 days ago by Teddy-Bear

have you ever felt like saying something that didn't quite fit the positivity or complaints/vent boards? well, look no further! I really need to stop using that catchphraze

some rules:

  • don't name names! unless it is said/meant in a completely positive comment, in which case it can probably go to another board, don't do it. no off-site/offline, either.
  • don't fight with others! if you really need to, please take it to PMs.
  • feel free to peacefully discuss things here! like... anything. anything at all, so long as it's peaceful.
  • if you don't like the way this board is working, feel free to shoot me a message!
  • breaking the rules will recieve a comment/PM warning from me. if it happens a third time, you will get banned from this board.

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banned users:
none. I'd love to keep it that way!

This board was actually exactly what I was looking for! Mainly because my dog accidentally jumping into the pond in my uncle's backyard earlier today isn't anything good or bad, just something really hilarious since he seemed to enjoy it and wasn't all too shaken when we pulled him outta there. My poor boy was all covered c':

I've been wanting a thread like this for ages! Thanks for making it!! I would've made it a long time ago but I hated the auto-subscribe thing on the old forums. Would've called the Meh Thread, for all those things you want to say and just feel average about, haha. This'll definitely be my go-to place for my Shower Thoughts.

"I'd date with you"
this is like... completely grammatically correct and all that but it's just? such an odd way of stating that, I guess that's just the way that character speaks? but like... I'm laughing and I don't know why oops? xD

awww yeah i've been hoping for a thread like this forever B)

thousand island dressing is the weirdest thing to me because i hate the smell of it (i just finished rinsing out a finished jar and it was horrendous) and i don't think it tastes good at all when it's on its own, but for some reason it tastes great on subs...? like it's gotta be with meat and cheese and somehow it's delicious, but if i get some on my hand i'm not lickin that stuff off bc i'd just gag. it's the most surreal substance in the universe i'm pretty sure

ahh yes thank you for this!

I have a kinda weird kinda funny story from earlier this morning! 

So, I tend to talk to myself or speak my thoughts out loud, and I ended up making breakfast for myself while having a long-winded rant about how we should have "Spider insurance" and I'm not even sure how I got there I just start talking and tune out because it helps me focus. I began with talking about my plans for today and making someone proud and then somehow I ended up with insurance for mental and physical trauma brought on by spiders. Not sure how this happened but when I came back to reality it was kinda funny!

I have to many characters that I need to draw, and whenever I think about sitting down and drawing them I'm just like *melts awayyy* 

My bird keeps attacking my keyboard while I'm trying to play games and it has to be the most adorable thing ever, though a tad bit annoying.

this is such a good thread idea, and omg it is sorely needed for my chatty self lolol.

i am really torn between making a DA group or toyhouse world for my closed species! i'm just worried that i wouldn't do a good job bringing everyone together or that it would be a waste of space. ;w;
... and i also am happy that the OTAs i made for this CS have some offers! last time i did an OTA i had to beg to get offers. this time went much better and that leaves me feeling warm ♥

you know what's fucked up? the fact that i've been friends with Isoprene for 12 years. time is fucked up, y'all. sometimes i think about that and i'm like "goddamn it really doesn't feel like it's been THAT LONG............. i feel old,"

how'd you put up with me for this long though, my dude...... bless u asdffdsfd

THANK YOU FOR THIS THREAD I hope it will stay just as alive as the vent and positive threads ; o ; 

I read two poetry books today and I now have this constant need to write things in rhymes hhhggh this always happens when I read things with clear styles 

Beed i guess u should just... make both then lmao

or you could do whichever one that's easier/would have more ppl in it

or you could do both, da for like, masterlists and whatnot n th for roleplay? bc of the forum thing

i want to make more art games but i don't want to overwhelm the forums lmao 

this anime is older than me, and yet it has such a nostalgic feel as if it were the good ol' days? it's just... an odd feeling? it's possible it's bc it was one of my childhood manga lol

quite a few of my chars that are my absolute favs and I play lots aren't my favs design wise . . . hmm. 


Being so picky really works against me when I want to commission some art... but it's still so fun to look through all the different designs/art styles of such wonderful artists.