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Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by teddiebearie

have you ever felt like saying something that didn't quite fit the positivity or complaints/vent boards? well, look no further! I really need to stop using that catchphraze

some rules:

  • don't name names! unless it is said/meant in a completely positive comment, in which case it can probably go to another board, don't do it. no off-site/offline, either.
  • don't fight with others! if you really need to, please take it to PMs.
  • feel free to peacefully discuss things here! like... anything. anything at all, so long as it's peaceful.
  • if you don't like the way this board is working, feel free to shoot me a message!
  • breaking the rules will recieve a comment/PM warning from me. if it happens a third time, you will get banned from this board.

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banned users:
none. I'd love to keep it that way!


spoiler not spoilers?? idk but gonna hide anyways because Deltarun

At first I hated Susie from Deltarun but I guess she's kinda cute
I'm torn between liking her design and her change at the end of chapter 1 but
I just..... what the fuck, I want to like her but something is just making it so fucking difficult to
My friend likes her and I want to like her but I can't??? she was a massive bitch and normally I like her kind of characters but she just???
makes me mad idk
I also fucking hate the name of the character we control in the beginning of it because it the name of someone I don't talk to and when it fucking juxed me in the beginning and gave me the name I was so fucking upset because I thought it was randomly generated so I remade another time and got the same name and was like great im gonna have to play a character named someone I once called my best friend thats cool after I found out thats the name lmao

maybe susie will grow on me idk, I really want to like her I really do, her sprites are really cute at the end of it too which makes it even worse because FUCK I WANT TO LIKE YOU BUT WHY DID YOU ACT LIKE SUCH A BIG
Maybe once the other chapters come out I'll feel differently and I did just play it to see what's happening with it but





Bakugo_ and I experienced this:

I had a sub one day in class and she said we could listen to 1 song in the class at the end of the class. our  class choose...........Megalovania. so at one part the song got really loud and the sub asked a student to turn it down.  THE KID TURNED IT ALL THE WAY UP AND IT WAS BLASTING IN THE HALLS. me and a friend yeeted out of there so fast (we had a reason to go anyways,). the next day a few friends told me she was fumed.


I want to scream about my ocs, but I also don't wanna be a dick and talk about my ocs the entire time 


Edit whoops I thought I was in vent board for some reason and forgot to check before posting. Sorry folks!


me, adding ppl's characters to my bookmarks in preparation for artfight even tho it's still months away:



finally finished setting up all my sub galleries for OCs! PRAISE


I get so thrown off by the delay in the fave button. Most of the time I wonder if it registered the fave or not