The General Comments Thread

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago by teddiebearie

have you ever felt like saying something that didn't quite fit the positivity or complaints/vent boards? well, look no further! I really need to stop using that catchphraze

some rules:

  • don't name names! unless it is said/meant in a completely positive comment, in which case it can probably go to another board, don't do it. no off-site/offline, either.
  • don't fight with others! if you really need to, please take it to PMs.
  • feel free to peacefully discuss things here! like... anything. anything at all, so long as it's peaceful.
  • if you don't like the way this board is working, feel free to shoot me a message!
  • breaking the rules will recieve a comment/PM warning from me. if it happens a third time, you will get banned from this board.

check out these other boards as well:
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banned users:
none. I'd love to keep it that way!


*teleports behind you* nothing personell, kid



c r o still has some pretty good songs 

he's got some bops


i never understood how ppl could get so into watching sports on TV until i realised how much i fucking love watching monster truck competitions

not rly sure if it counts as a sport but it's so cool

i mean i've always liked monster trucks but never rly watched them on TV until recently? been missing out on a lot 😭 be so neat watching that shit live tho... the only times i've seen monster trucks in person were where they were still for display never rly got to see one move


to be honest, howmst do you write kids


i normally dont get along well with my mom but since we're both super sick we were crying looking at the lineup for the puppy bowl during lunch..........

btw here it is if you wanna look at some dogs


Desperately trying to bond with people on pillowfort and be active but I feel like all the active people are only active in fandoms!!! I have promised myself never to meddle too deeply with fandoms again because they only make me hate the work in question too and it's a bummer :/ 


Yesterday I felt really upbeat and now today I just want to cry and sleep. Bleh.


tfw when yu’re a dumbass on main and accifetally bump a thread when you menat to subscribe to it


i got this man in the mail today


and i love him with all my heart.