how did you come up with your username?

Posted 3 months, 24 days ago by meatsleep

dunno if this has been done yet, but im interested in responses.. i think username history is a cool weird little internet thing

as for me though, my name is actually the name of an ARG on youtube that sadly got cancelled bc of community drama.. but its one of my favorites in terms of horror factor :P

it's physics! because 90% of my current focus wrt my characters is. physicists.

but my actual pseud "snarbs" comes from this guy:


the snarbolax, the first boss from spiral knights! an mmo i used to play a lot. the user base calls the boss "snarby", which I originally adopted, but a friend took to nicknaming me "snarbs" off of that and it stuck...

I love knights and my favorite season is spring lol

My other username which I use on many other sites is WeltDerAthanasie which originally comes from a German science magazine called "Welt Der Wunder"(world of wonders) which I used to avidly read as a teen. I had the last word change several times but in the end stuck to "Athanasie".

Welllll when I was a tiny kid on the internet, my go to was Dragonizer because I liked... dragons... That eventually evolved into DktrAgonizer, then DrDktr (bc i thought it was a cute Mr Mister kind of thing) aaand recently I decided to go with something completely different bc I really like the name Nathaniel. So now it's something punny: Afternath!

It's the name of a character from Rune Factory 4. lol

tbh it's because i went to a random name generator since every username i could think of was taken. well, that was the first one. but i wanted to keep the theme of food and alliteration, so Pickle Pantry

i thought bad grammar + insulting people was funny so i just mashed the two ideas together, idk i was like 15 when i picked this name lol

I wanted a name that has a "fluffy" feel, and batufolli means something like cotton ball (as far as google's told me ;w;a)

you-are-butt lol so this is where your infamous username came from!! it all make sense now

i was listening to this song that briefly mentioned mayflies, then thought about dragonflies (libellule=french for dragonfly)

When I started college I began playing World of Warcraft. I created my first main character, Eimell, and went by that for so long in game that it just stuck.
I actually used to go by it on a different browser game, switched my username 6 months later and even now 3 and a 1/2 years later people still call me Eimell, or just Eim, there instead of my current user name.
Small community I guess.

I basically came up with my username in like 5 minutes, years ago.... It was then when I started my World of Tanks blog, and I needed a URL for it. I was playing artillery in that game, shortened it to arty, and acknowledged the fact that I was going to ramble a lot on that blog. That's all there is to it! People called me Rambles at first but then stuck to Arty, which I accepted as a substitute for my real name by now haha

Interestingly enough many websites don't have an arty yet, so I also go by simply that as a username sometimes. I was thinking about changing my username to that here also, which I'm probably going to do.

I, as a pretentious 16 year old thought the name 'lanternlovers' had a deeper meaning of romatic love and life and basically it stuck and im now im a pretentious 22 yr old

I came up with my username about...12 years ago? I was only starting out using the internet and was under the impression that in order to join a Harry Potter fanforum everyone must have usernames based on characters from the books, and I wanted something so obscure that no-one else would've thought of it. I eventually settled on "Cliodna" who was one of the witches mentioned when Ron was listing off his chocolate card collection in the first book. 

Only later did I find out that she was an irish deity of love and beauty (among other things)l. And even more later did I learn that it's a legitimate name in Ireland, which I've been mispronouncing for years. I still mispronounce it to be honest. "Kli-o-dna" rather than "Kleena". Can't help it. :) 

I've grown attached to it to the point where I use it as my full-time online handle and artist alias though. If Cliodna is not available it becomes Cliodna Connoree - a butchering of "O'Connor", swiped from a very early roleplay character back in the days when I didn't actually speak english or know what "irish" last names were supposed sound like.

mine is actually the name of a character from a really bad and edgy pokemon fangame called Pokemon Reborn, said character i proceeded to steal the name from It's My Name Now

kavaro is actually the name of one of my first homestuck fantrolls |D i'm not really into the fandom anymore, but i still love him so much. the  name really stuck, because i like the sound and the nickname kav is just too cute