Anyone else play Love Nikki?

Posted 2 months, 16 days ago (Edited 21 days, 3 hours ago) by Prismakry

yeah, I"m one of those people. -shameshame- but I'm sure I"m not alone (at least I hope not!)

Was just wondering if anyone else plays the Love Nikki mobile app? I've started playing it recently and am seriously addicted xD my love of char customization and dressup games has done me in with it, lol.

My friend ID is 102136057 if you play and wanna add me!

I started an association as well, the ID is 11358 if you'd like to join!

We also talk a loit about it in a channel on the discord server I run, so if you'd like to join in on that feel free to PM Me! :) 

*lurks in from Miraland* I do~ lol

I'm Kaabii in game; lvl 61, V6, and my ID is 100034918 ^^

Kirbygal always nice to meet more LN players <3 If you're ever looking for a new Association feel fre eto give mine a look :) a bunch of us from TH are in it

C: I'm already in one but if I ever decide to switch then I'll consider it, thanks ~ ^^

How far are you in the game? And what do you think about the current events? 

Kirbygal I'm V9 with a 61% complete total collection at the time of this post, so I'd say decently far in? I'm done with all the current chapters as well with S ratings on all quests maiden and princess. 

The events are great! just wish they weren't all so close together, would be nice if they gave a little more time in between so you can actually save up gems and stuff for the next one xD it's a bit franctic when it's one after anohter.

oooh not bad~♡ I just checked and I had 60% collection; thought it was a little lower but okay xDD I need to finish the last couple stages of 11 maiden , been putting off the crane dress for so long but finally made it (those darn rainbow dyes ;; ) . my princess staves are good, all but most of ch 11 and 9-9 are S xD

Yeah same! I'm glad for all the new stuff but I really want to replenish my diamond hoard ;u; I used to have over 2000; at one point I had over 5000 ...but now I barely have 1000 ;u; and then there's more expensive events coming ;; I hope the next event won't have items I'll like so much haha