Show me your sonas!

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Do you have a sona?

121 Votes Yes
19 Votes No

Lil edit: I love everyones sonas so much??? They are all precious. So to fix this, show me the characters you view as yourself in any way! Doesn't have to look like you or whatever, I feel everyone's take on a sona is different. So yeah!! Keep 'em coming, I'm loving them

I don't know what the term is - sona, self insert? Self OC ??? ME ???

Either way, I want to see people who have made themselves as a character, which I'm assuming everyone calls a sona!
I've done this once or twice, but I was never pleased with them so I scrapped them. And I want to see others sonas so maybe I'll be inspired to create a new one, since I've been really wanting to.

I do have characters I call sonas, like Bay and Sammy, and they aren't necessarily sonas, I'm just super connected to on a spiritual level lmao. So they are sonas to me, even though they aren't me.


I do have my fursona, Momo! They've been around for a couple of years and is my only actual sona.

I also have a mascot character, Fuuka. As it sounds, they aren't really a sona but an OC I am starting to use more as a sort of "face" to me, I guess? At least, on Toyhouse, anyway. I figured "mascot" would be a better term for them. 

For both humanoid stuff and fursona stuff!! Actually the first sona I've ever liked for myself

I have several, lmao. But Oreo's my main one! She's the one that's most Me, the others just have certain parts of my personality only flanderized to hell. :P

Ripley is the sona that's, like, me, as in not a furry (I swear! He's a vague cartoon character!) or a monster or anything else. I also have a fursona (Deetle), a ponysona (Flashdance), a pokesona (Martyena), and my favorite, a monstersona (Wyatt) because I just can't get enough of myself.

Izzy is my fursona! I made her 1-2 year(s) ago, and they're my only sona

That's ok though, because I love them to pieces ^^

I understand what you mean completely! While they aren't me, I would consider Yuki and Chakra sonas as they are very connected to me and do hold aspects of me more than any other character in my arsenal. 

I made my sona in an attempt to throw together some Aesthetics™ I enjoy...and I got super attached to the design! I always found it hard to get a solid design down for a 'sona but I think this one's fun....

This is my main, but I have like four other ventsonas here.

Fletch is definitely the closest I've come to having a true 'sona/happiest I've been with one design-wise!

Perpsona is a culmination of all my dumbest personality traits, which makes them fun :,D

where's the "ish" vote button

the closest thing i have is my ghostsona

I actually have multiple sonas which I've actually been attacked for? But this is my primary the one that is truly me I feel. She's got most of my tattoos and all my piercings and she was meant to help me be in my own stories, which, the story was meant to be a world for me anyway so lol.