Funds for my sister's birthday (GoFundMe)

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My name is Benjamin and I have a six year old sister who is going to be seven November 7th.
It's her golden birthday! She's really excited and I want to make this birthday extra special for her.

Buying her very own cockatiel!

My sister absolutely LOVES birds, especially cockatiels. We share the same love for them and I would love to make her dream come true.

I have a GoFundMe page up for her present, because I lack a job/stable income.
It would be very much appreciated if you advertised this or maybe even donated!

My sister has done so much for me! I would do anything to pay her back. I know getting her cockatiels won't be near enough, but it'll prove that I really want her to be happy.

She's gone through a lot for someone so young :(
Seeing her face light up when we go to the bird store is amazing.

She constantly talks about getting a cockatiel one day.

I really hope I can make her dream come true before her birthday <3

Thank you for reading !! <33

GoFundMe link:
Birthday birds


I'd strongly advise against getting a tiel (or any pet bird) as a birthday gift especially if you cannot afford it in the first place / do not have a stable income
Birds cost a lot to be cared for, they require intensive research/time/preparation/$$$.
Did you know that regular vets will not accept birds? You need to find an exotic or avian vet, that's right... exotic.
Did you know that you cannot use things like teflon pans for cooking in your home or it will kill the bird? and so much more...

I understand that you mean well and you want to give your sister the best gift possible.
But please think about both your family and the well-being of the bird.
Without your own money, what will happen if the bird gets ill? Your sister is very young, I do not think you want her to go through the stress of not being able to help a sick pet or even losing one.

So please understand.... do not get a pet with the circumstances you're in.

Instead, I suggest:

1. Discussing with her (realistically!) the future of getting a pet cockatiel

  • Start researching together with her the realities and preparations of owning a pet bird
  • Start considering rescues/adoption together with her
  • Teach her that a pet is a forever commitment (most larger pet birds live long!)
  • Research for avian vets near you

2. Getting her cockatiel-related gifts.
Like a custom-crafted pendant. A cockatiel plush or a giant cockatoo

Please.... I hope you will think it through again. I only have good intentions for both of you, it is just not the right time ><

(had to comment because i'm also someone who loves birds too much)

Seconding paeon, but I'd also like to point out it's always unfair to the animal to bring it in to a home if it isn't wanted by everyone. Particularly one that can be loud and requires special care like a bird. If you can't find the support to get a tiel from your family, you definitely should look into another gift.