Your Favorite Fictional Character?

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Apologies if this has already been created, I just thought maybe it could be a positive topic for a change! ♥ 

Make it as long or as short as you'd like! But please keep it to one character at a time,
You're always welcome to comment again (after 3 others have commented) with another!

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Please don't use your own OCs or major religious/political figures!

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Some questions for fun~!

Did they inspire you when creating your OCs?
Do you share any traits or quirks with them?
Ever thought about cosplaying them?
Did they ever help you out during some harsh times?
Was their source material good? Is it still a fav of yours?
If your character is/was real, was the actor/actress choice for them good enough? (Voice Actors count! ovob )
Do they have any alternate outfits or special event skins you love?
Did/do they inspire you in your everyday life?
Do you think they'd look good as the opposite sex?
What do you think is their biggest flaw?
If you could give them an occupation besides their current, what would it be?



Cullen Rutherford is my favorite character of all time from the series Dragon Age. The series is an all time favorite of mine and it's kept me entertained and grossed in its story for as long as I can remember. He's so quirky, handsome, and romantic. He's such a good military adviser and strategist. My goodness, if he were real or I had a job next to his, I would just die. Something about his character and charm really gets me, because he's gone through so much hardship as a Templar(Knights specifically built up to take down mages) and how he just gets through it all with his faith intact. I just... I don't know. 

He can become too flustered, filled with rage and such if something in his control falls apart, has trouble getting out his words and has a very hard time to not give into temptation, but he does everything in his power to help everyone he can, keeping his heart a little too open, but it seems to work for him. I'm jumping all over the place, to be honest, but I just really love this character and the series. ;-;


Well it's kind of obvious but..


Tsukishima Kei

I never really used to like anime, but a really close friend of mine told me about a character with the same first name as I, who was apparently as unpleasant to talk to as me!
I didn't believe it, and assumed she was just mocking me, but I watched Haikyuu with her regardless and now he's my hands down favorite character. I enjoy the development they gave him,
he wasn't just some douche in an anime who was a douche for the sake of being a douche. 

I got hooked and watched/read Haikyuu religiously after first seeing him. I like how close this character brought me and my friend together, we'd been having some issues before all that
and having something simple like a show to watch together actually made a lot of impact.

Cheers to you, you salty bastard. 


I can't say she's my 100% favorite character, but since I just watched a GoT episode I'm gonna have to say


Sansa Stark <3 what a lovely lady.



oh damn i'm dumb

deleting my post now thanks for telling me


My favorites tend to vary a lot depending on what I’m into at the time, but my most consistent and predominant favorite is probably Mikaela Hyakuya :>



i love shinjiro aragaki from persona 3 so much WAAHHH ive cried about him on several occasions he's just so important to me and he breaks my heart I LOVE HIM SO MUCH IM JUST HFHGH




He's just
so darn cute
SURE he can be a little creepy sometimes
but his laugh is so adorable it just makes Nine wanna cry
Like there never been a character from anything that Nine has loved as much as Undertaker.

It's funny though,
Nine has always had an interest in becoming either a coroner or a mortician, ever since she was a little girl she's always had a strange interest in it.
It was either that or a storm chaser, and well, living in South Australia. There ain't no storms here to chase.
Then when Nine found black butler, and saw undertaker? It was love at first sight. It's him and a few other things that's really making Nine consider looking into either volunteer work at the cemetery or mortuary science classes.

And yes,
Undertaker was the inspiration for Nine's OC Zalmir and her own fursona.

Nine has cosplayed him actually! It was a few years ago, but he was the best time in a cosplay Nine has ever had. Acting in character just felt so natural, and Nine even had his laugh down pretty good as well.
Nine would really love to revisit the cosplay one day, but unfortunately it's a little roughed up.

Did Nine go to see book of the atlantic in the cinema just to see her boy on the big screen?
Nine had to refrain from squeaking while watching, he just makes her so happy.
Nine usually hates when people go that full on screaming fangirl over things but
she's so guilty of that when it comes to Undertaker.