Why didya choose your pfp?

Posted 8 months, 12 days ago (Edited 8 months, 11 days ago) by idiot

I chose the one i have right now because i was trying to find Profile photos for Chicken Smoothie of Shadow (He's my favorite character of all time) and i saw it. It was really dumb so i saved it and now a few days later i'm using it. Why'd you choose your pfp?

(Here's an edit. It isn't the one i have now. It was Sonic.exe in Roblox.)


extremely cursed Prompto

Also because Prompto is best boy 


It's my sona I believe. I've begun to use it everywhere now, because it just feels right. 

Started off as an Avatar on gaia I really put a lot of work into - 59247615?user_id=2409233&1552699020105

I made my icon myself because it embodies many things I love: 

The gold, black and red colour theme, the creepy demon/horror aesthetic, the fact that I drew it myself, and also a shameless hint of bill cipher cyclopness because years after Gravity falls is over, I still adore him to my core. ;>_> 


Hamham... sona... also just rlly good art tbh


Silver x Crystal is the cutest Pokemon ship ever so

I was inspired


thirstyy for this demon daddy atm


im love reigen


there's so little fanart of to the moon and i'm glad i found a fanartist sjsjdijsm