The Doodle Bunch Server

Posted 9 months, 27 days ago (Edited 5 months, 11 days ago) by MoonLotus-Hime

Welcome all, welcome all! We welcome all in any ages so everyone is welcome join The Doodle Bunch Server. The one running it is @CookieKHR. We got well over 80+ members that we are proud of. We're really chill server just like our mods, tho also a mod as well there, and talk whenever you want.

Our site are all mixed between Adoptables, Art-related, Literature, Games, Silly tactic, Events and mostly place to hangout. So we have MANY channel hope those don't overwhelm you once you join in. Blame few of our mods>>

Also Include:

-Chill out and fun mod.. All them are weebs.:U

-Large community

-Give Artist Tips and Inspiration to other

-Lil fun events/games

-Raffles and Giveaways

-Channels for Business like: OTA, Trade, Adoptables, Commission, Cash and Points . Plus Freebies!

-Lastly NSFW channel only for 18+

So again, want join this big community?

Here our never expire invite link:

As well as we now have Deviantart! So join there if you want to advertise your adopt or other in all: The Doodle [email protected]

We even have Pastel name role as well you can choose from if that what you want as well~



Bless u noonie


Very good server here. I recommend joining!


Awe thanks y'all❤


Awe I love this community! <3 <3 I'm a weeb! XD


Been in this server for a while

I am the cursed memer


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I’ve been a member for quite a while too, come join us!!


its been a while since i've joined someone else's server, so i hope you dont mind me joining!


Le~Bump! Lowkey need update and pretty up my OP. Reeeee-