What are your pet peeves?

Posted 2 months, 30 days ago by dreamer

Pet peeve thread.

Nothing offensive.

Pet peeve: Not crediting someone.


MAJOR pet peeve: people who don't follow the safety precautions!! do yall have a death wish or something????


Pet peeve: People who don't respond to you regarding trade offers and just leave you hanging. Like, at least tell me if you're not interested!


Pet peeve: Claiming art/designs that aren't yours, as yours


when people draw tweek tweak or kyle with freckles skskskkkkkkksksksksk


Pet peeve:

People who take longer than a few days to finish a claim in the art games. I'm a patient person, but this happens usually.


Pet peeve: That nagging worry when you're not sure if you wrote a character correctly-
(what I mean is if you wrote a character and you're not sure if you accidentally wrote something that just seems wrong)


People who use tiny font or set the colour to a colour similar to the background.  I get migraines super easily so I've just started blocking people who use tiny font for literally every post.  It's so inconsiderate. :/


new pet peeve resurfaced but when im playing bns i load in slowly since i dont have a great computer, but it makes me sad when people dont wait for me like...... its just 30 seconds longer chill out


People who use really tiny fonts. Especially on FA since the font is already small

People who don't use headphones for music/videos in public

Leaky headphones

In school when someone put their feet on the back off your chair I hated that

Family telling me to do things when i first wake up


hearing people eating their food

the ever living fuck up



Agree with you on the tiny fonts. It just hurt my eyes, but on mobile, at least I can zoom in to read it properly.


When people ship oc x canon but make the canon extremely OOC that it doesn't even make it seem like the canon anymore x -x I don't mind oc x canon but PLEASE keep the canon in cHARACTER