What are your pet peeves?

Posted 2 months, 30 days ago by dreamer

Pet peeve thread.

Nothing offensive.

Pet peeve: Not crediting someone.


Seeing adopts you really want but the user went inactive qwq


Walking on ice during winter.

I really hate slipping on ice, and I almost slip whenever I get home from school. :')


my bf being so fucking BAD at video games

like,,, babe. no i showed you the quickest route to do this thats not how you get mewtwo- babe please-


As someone who watches a lot of food (and travel) vlogs.....

Every. Single. Time. If I get a dollar everytime someone makes a sexual joke or innuendo about the foods they're eating, I'll probably be rich by now.


when people don't reply to messages. it's not hard to be a decent human being & not make someone eagerly wait on your response only to never get a reply. it's ridiculous.