New Complaints Board! [let ur rage flow]

Posted 2 years, 8 days ago (Edited 2 months, 11 days ago) by Kavaro

Decided to finally freshen up the rules and clarify them! Please let me know if you would like anything added. 


A new complaints board for those wanting to let off steam, scream at their computer or let out bottled up feelings. Please read the rules below and stick on topic as well as you can. I do not mind various non-complaint related conversations from time to time! 

Rules of the board:
■ No hate speech, death threats or callouts allowed. If caught, I will most likely ban you immediately and report you to the admins.

■ Please block out triggering material with black like this: content.
- if your post contains ANYTHING referring to, or about: 

◘ rape / molestation / abuse (physical/mental/emotional)
◘ pedophilia / ephebophilia
◘ homophobia / racism / etc.
◘ suicide or self-harm
Please black it out. If you are caught not blacking out your text multiple times, it can end up being a ban-able offense. 
If you are feeling suicidal, please reach out to me or call this hotline: 
USA: 1-800-273-8255
Other Places:
Your life is precious, never forget that.

Do not list any names of people you may be upset at. To clarify, no name dropping, no passive aggressive hinting. This includes all admins, me, members of this site, members off-site and closed species. (in short, ANYONE EVER.)
 Do not make passive aggressive statements towards someone who frequents the board, regardless if they are blocked or not. If you see someone doing this, please notify me ASAP.
■ If someone is blocked from this thread, they are no longer to be discussed in the comments. Take your discussions elsewhere, or to a private PM.
■ No topics concerning controversial politics or religion. Examples include extremists left or right topics, racism, political correctness, etc. Or trying to call out someone here for not following your political party. 
■ Do not fight with your fellow thread mates. If you must, resort to PMs to carry out your conversation. Clean debates on accepted topics are OK. 
■ If you do not like the way things are run here and would like to see a change, please PM me! This also applies if you catch someone breaking any of these rules. 

Sister boards:

For Positivity: The Congrats / Positivity Board

If you would like your board hosted here, PM me! 

Punishment Guidelines:
■ 1st offense: Warning via PM/comment. I will monitoring your posts for a few days after. 
■ 2nd offense: Possible Ban. You will be added to the block list, and no longer be allowed to post here. 

Banned Members:
■ madame-aiko 
■ ultimation12
■ vyness
■ varkarrus

Again, these people are NOT to be talked about. Do not shame, ridicule or harass them in any way. Choosing to break this rule will result in a warning or ban. If you wish to know why these people were banned, please PM me. 

I can't believe I had to switch to FireFox because Chrome was being a bitch this whole week