(I'm back) Toyhou.se Pet Peeves

Posted 6 months, 9 days ago (Edited 2 months, 13 days ago) by idiot

What are some things you dislike about TH?

Personally i absolutely hate when i post on a thread and then right after i post someone else posts on another thread. This annoys be because i think the most effective way to draw attraction to a thread is to have it front and center when you use the forums. I also hate getting notifs about things i really don't care about. Like, when i make art games, i have people who constantly bump the thread. I even made a rule one one thread where you couldn't bump unless it's been a month but someone posts and then 7 hours after that post i get a notif that someone bumped the thread. Sigh.

What are your TH Pet Peeves?


I am no longer on break from this thread. It's been 2 months and i'm ready to come back and see you guys' peeves!



20 days? Damn, that's tame. I have tickets from months ago that were never replied to.


idiot That's fucking awful. I don't wish to wait months to get my character back only because they assumed he's canon/AU/redesign.

They need to wake up.


People fav spamming just to get your attention

I'd like to know who *actually* like my characters, use some different method mate


^ Big agree on this one, I just dislike mass-faving in general because it just raid your notifs and doesn't feel like a genuine compliment :^)


I saw someone say the huge, invasive watermarks get on their nerves, and I have to agree. Especially when I get commissioned and I can't see anything :C
To be fair, I could ask for a better reference when that happens, but I get shy aaa AND THEY SHOULD KNOW ALREADY IMO.

Another thing is people giving me credit for my old artwork that I hate seeing. I do not blame them at all, I know they're just giving credit to be respectful but ;; I hate my old art.
To get around it, I usually change the art credit to my secondary account ;U;

And like someone else said, people do get mean about trades. Or they kind of guilt trip.. I understand that it can be frustrating, but there's no need to be hostile towards me or guilt trip me!

I give my characters personal bios and icons to match my profile and sometimes when I transfer them, I forget to change the icon and remove the bio, and the artist just keeps the icon that says "Wiley" on it UGHHH
I know that maybe they're on mobile or something and can't?? Also I should try asking instead of being salty from afar lol

Something that I do on accident that annoys others is ghosting. I DO NOT mean to at all. I have a bad memory and sometimes open PMs really late at night and say "I'll reply tomorrow," but forget ;__;
I try to warn people about this prior so they know they can message me again if I go a while without replying.