(I'm back) Toyhou.se Pet Peeves

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What are some things you dislike about TH?

Personally i absolutely hate when i post on a thread and then right after i post someone else posts on another thread. This annoys be because i think the most effective way to draw attraction to a thread is to have it front and center when you use the forums. I also hate getting notifs about things i really don't care about. Like, when i make art games, i have people who constantly bump the thread. I even made a rule one one thread where you couldn't bump unless it's been a month but someone posts and then 7 hours after that post i get a notif that someone bumped the thread. Sigh.

What are your TH Pet Peeves?


I am no longer on break from this thread. It's been 2 months and i'm ready to come back and see you guys' peeves!


I kinda dislike when people reupload designs instead of transferring them when they trade, like i get that you might wanna start over/the other person doesnt want the new owner to piggyback off old faves, but now i can't find some designs that i really liked that I faved....


big oof, thirded on the freebie snatching thing, u dont need to watch the freebie threads like a vulture please... let some of us have them... ;__;
thats why i much prefer when people do WTA's instead or wait to give it to someone who seems to really want them


Gonna be real honest but also im not really trying to be mean:
the amount of people on this site that ive seen that think they're somehow entitled to ANYTHING free is...wholly obnoxious and a bit disconcerting.. Whether its a free design or being upset that someone who posted a Free Art Forum ended up not drawing your character or..anyone's.
Ive seen people actually get upset that someone decided to not draw any of the characters in a freebie art thread and...that's super...off.. to me? like why do people have the mindset that an artist owes you anything for free? if you want guaranteed art, pay the artist? Nobody has to draw anything for anyone else, even if they made a thread offering free art? lol


Big agree with the freebie thing

I used to be a freebie fiend years ago on dA and would just snatch anything that came my way. It's embarrassing to remember. Now I just stick to picking designs I could have some use for and or would have fun revamping. It's a little frustrating with the same handful of people claiming, but I can understand especially if they're younger :c Though art requests is just a big HHHHHNN for me. Artists aren't obligated to draw your character if it isn't a commission or trade. Requests are usually just fun little things to do with some free time. If people get demanding, it sucks all the fun out of it. Same goes to art games. If I see a mile long list of what's wanted for a claim I'm outie. If someone were to treat something like that as commission from me and bother me about it I'd just slap something out be done with it


This may be an unpopular opinion but just getting randomly blocked. I would love to work out whatever problems there were instead of you just silencing me? I think it's a bit childish (for the two adults that did this to me) to just peace out without trying to talk it out.


I do block people but its not by random, and I’m sure they know as well why I blocked them. But if its a random person I usually ignore the user or soft block (block then unblock) if they’re subscribed to me. Not really sure if TH makes users automatically unsubscribe.


^ It does.

Also big agree on the random blocking. I s2g why does half of TH hate me?

For my own pet peeve: The term "HQ" really gets on my nerves. I mean, what is HQ? Because it seems like this is how it's defined:

Just from a google search for one of my favorite characters, I get this:


- Actual footage from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Made by an actual company - Should be considered high quality, but when I scroll further down...

latest?cb=20121023174136Ok nope this is what people mean by high quality. Yes, this is the same Judar from the first image. But it's gotta be considered higher quality than the original anime, isn't it?

So my art, in order to be considered by the likes of you, needs to be BETTER THAN AN ART DEPARTMENT?? Welp, my art's NEVER gonna get noticed because I'm NEVER gonna be that good. -n-

EDIT: second image was shrunk for some reason...whatever, you get the idea. I will admit that if the first image had both the characters in it it might be considered up there, and the term itself is quite subjective, but still.


When a creator very clearly allows trading/selling/gifting of their designs (such as a public tos on dA,) but don't edit the individual TH character permissions; leaving them on "cannot be transferred for any reason"


a big peeve of mine is looking through any sort of discussion thread and seeing people act passive aggressive / snarky to others on there, or even just seeing straight up arguments.

even looking at people arguing makes me uneasy, it's just kinda sad we can't all get along and people will go out of their way to give other people some 'tude on threads where the purpose is for every commenter to give their opinion in a nice way.


I agree with the freebie thing as well

I see certain users on freebie threads who ALWAYS end up getting designs. Like, you've claimed at least 50 designs from the thread. Let other people have some.


or the people that mass claim a user's freebies. like- yeah okay they may be pretty designs and the person didn't specify, but have some courtesy for other users?? maybe?? 


god freebie mass claimers make me so uncomf, to the point that honestly? I'd probably give my characters to another person who asked for it even if it was fcfs.

like y'all have over 600+ designs already, focus on those ya hoarder.


That is something I've seen some users do, simply mention it's not FCFS and you'll decide based on past activity of a user on the freebie bin before giving it away, nothing wrong with being picky about who it goes to, just disclose that cause it gives people who don't get to claim a bunch hope they might have a shot at it.