(Gna need help) Toyhou.se Pet Peeves

Posted 7 months, 7 days ago (Edited 5 days, 8 hours ago) by idiot

What are some things you dislike about TH?

Personally i absolutely hate when i post on a thread and then right after i post someone else posts on another thread. This annoys be because i think the most effective way to draw attraction to a thread is to have it front and center when you use the forums. I also hate getting notifs about things i really don't care about. Like, when i make art games, i have people who constantly bump the thread. I even made a rule one one thread where you couldn't bump unless it's been a month but someone posts and then 7 hours after that post i get a notif that someone bumped the thread. Sigh.

What are your TH Pet Peeves?


I've decided that i want to enlist staff on this thread to put some control on here. This way if something happens while i'm away, something can be done about it. PM me if you wanna be a staff with the reason why.




Content warning misuse really gets my goat. Your sales, common sense, and other dumb shit has no place there. Warn for content. It's in the name of the damn feature.

Said warnings not having a toggle. I don't get bothered by much, and none of what bothers me is character based, so the entire system even when used right is annoying to me.

Bumps not having a toggle for notifications cause I try to remember to not bump, but sometimes you have to, and then sometimes I forget about the notification and bump and feel bad when I remember.

Tabs showing up in the IC picker with no way to determine what shows up there. 


I agree with VincentVanGoat, people using content warnings to basically say "DUN STEAL MA STUFF" grind my gears so much. mate that feature's for important stuff


My pet peeve is how quickly your threads fall away in like the design marketplace ;m; i mourn this every bump.


Definitely annoying, invasive watermarks! Sometimes I come across an oc I can barely see because someone's name is written over the image 100 times. I get you want to protect your characters but there's a point where it gets too much


I have to agree with other people about others misusing the content warning tags, but I don't mind them too much.

That aside, I don't like how everytime you post on a thread that didn't have a post for 3 days or more, it doesn't bump automatically, and you are forced to use the bump button after posting on that thread. It's easy to get used to it.


Historia - It depends; if you're the last person to post on a thread, you can't bump by post. If someone else was the last poster then you can bump by post; just explaining something!


There's no search box



there's a search for characters at the top of the screen (mouse over browse) and premium users get a forum search function! premium users also get an added keyword search in the character search... they cause a lot of server strain so they aren't available to everyone at the moment :'0


I also agree with what wanderways said. What's the point of having a public character with public images if no one is able to see what it's supposed to be? That's why I just have a single large watermark on my characters' art.


All I can say here is that I kinda agree? with VincentVanGoat (I can see why you dislike it (content warnings). Tho, if it's just to say not to steal characters, it makes no sense to add it (because common sense). But if you need to add notes (my profile as example), then sure. Use it.) and I agree with wanderways.


Same about content warnings not being used right. I have no problem if they say something like, this can trigger something, may be nsfw etc but i DO NOT CARE about your:
"Don't steal anything" (this goes without sayign you don't need an extra warning)
Pages not being completed

etc etc you get it

also i don't really get "entertaining offers on all my chars" types of threads like? are you really going to let go of that one character you've hda for years? no probably not. i mean there is an appeal for finding out how much you think your characters are worth to other people, but phrasing it like you'll actually trade them (hahhahah) is just mean. Just make a bulletin and be like "hey guys what do you think my chars are worth" its that easy no need to pretend like you'll trade them

that last one is mostly a me thing tho i'll admit that. the content warning thing i am this close to wanting to report people for it