(Gna need help) Toyhou.se Pet Peeves

Posted 7 months, 7 days ago (Edited 5 days, 8 hours ago) by idiot

What are some things you dislike about TH?

Personally i absolutely hate when i post on a thread and then right after i post someone else posts on another thread. This annoys be because i think the most effective way to draw attraction to a thread is to have it front and center when you use the forums. I also hate getting notifs about things i really don't care about. Like, when i make art games, i have people who constantly bump the thread. I even made a rule one one thread where you couldn't bump unless it's been a month but someone posts and then 7 hours after that post i get a notif that someone bumped the thread. Sigh.

What are your TH Pet Peeves?


I've decided that i want to enlist staff on this thread to put some control on here. This way if something happens while i'm away, something can be done about it. PM me if you wanna be a staff with the reason why.





I'm pretty sure you can follow people on TH, maybe you could do that as a start?


people spontaneously removing your design (or at least the credit?) from TH

checked my design list the other day, several are missing.. i wonder what happened to them. i don't really track them, but eh.


I know, I found a some awesome people that I'm following here ^^ but still, it's not the best place to follow someone's art :(