(MODERATION NOTICE PG.44) Toyhou.se Pet Peeves

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What are some things you dislike about TH?

Personally i absolutely hate when i post on a thread and then right after i post someone else posts on another thread. This annoys be because i think the most effective way to draw attraction to a thread is to have it front and center when you use the forums. I also hate getting notifs about things i really don't care about. Like, when i make art games, i have people who constantly bump the thread. I even made a rule one one thread where you couldn't bump unless it's been a month but someone posts and then 7 hours after that post i get a notif that someone bumped the thread. Sigh.

What are your TH Pet Peeves?


I hate that this thread is the only thing i get notified about anymore, so i'm thinking of unsubscribing. Tell me if you want to run it while i am gone, but keep in mind, when i get back, i want this thread back.


People who make a thread in the Art Freebies forum, only to ask for free art, or say that they're looking for free art requests. Threads like this flood the forum itself, and while I understand that they want free art, they could at least posted on a thread that actually offers free art requests and such. I'm not blaming them for doing something like that, but still...


Not something I've directly experienced, but I really don't like when people upload art others made their OCs and add comments about how "inaccurate" the pic is as a ref in the captions. (ie. "hair is too dark", "skirt is too long"...)

If such a thing happened to my art, I think I would feel really bad... I'd prefer the person to not upload my art at all rather than have condescending/aggressive remarks publicly attached to it. (+ sometimes "inaccuracies" are just a style thing, especially when it comes to colours or hairstyle) 


I personally dislike it when people put down people who don't necessarily have super detailed characters. Especially when they complain that the featured characters don't deserve to have so many favorites because they have a blank page.

Not everyone can come up with a detailed backstory for every single character they have. If they can, great! But if not, that's also great. Their characters are theirs, and to put down someone because their characters aren't as developed as yours is extremely rude. Besides, sometimes, maybe they don't have the time to post their stories, or they think its too personal to share. 

You can have a preference for what type of characters you like to see, but don't insult people who don't meet your standards.


This is more a me problem than a TH problem but

When I'm trying to type out a title for a thread and keep running out of room SOBS   


>Over 20 notifs

>Tfw all of them are "activity"

(Not directing to anyone of course!! Just....I least expected getting one interaction related notif and nope-)


Agreeing with the "character needs 30 paragraphs or you don't love them enough!" man, some of us just can't write or our characters aren't all connected in a huge storyline....And it's perfectly OK to have characters with just the purpose of being a constant thing to draw! I have a lot of character I got simply FOR the design rather than having a purpose. Personally I try to give them as much info and stuff as possible, but I don't think it's bad if someone doesn't feel the need to? Just do whatever you want with your characters.

Another pet peeve is people putting things they aren't willing to get rid of AT ALL in their trading/selling thread. Like, you say offer on anything, but there's some (usually a large quantity/ and or very popular designers/species that will obviously be offered on) that you aren't willing to? Doesn't that seem like a waste of your own time, not to mention others? I don't get it...I get something being very tentative and wanting something very specific, but, if you're not letting that character go at all....tag it and remove it from the thread. o)-(