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♬ Happy Birthday Positive Board!♬

Welcome to the positivity board. This opposites the complaints board in which you can post about all the happy and positive things that are happening with you! Whether you feel blessed, want to hype on about something or whatever, you can do so here. 

Please keep the board PG13 or under and no NSFW please! No name dropping unless the person is comfortable with you. Keep gifs to a minimum. 

This board is under new management. Mod remains anonymous. 

Thank you for enjoying this board for 2 years! Happy posting!  


Happy birthday Shouto Todoroki !! <33 The fandom loves you 


I'm watching a youtuber rank dragon quest games and this video game out before 11 and i'm just sitting here smiling because boy,, he's gonna love #11. Legit he's like "my favorite part of this game was x and of this y" and i'm sitting here grinning because those are all the main features of 11


Sometimes a good laugh really does pick up my mood   


Now that I’ve set my art side by side from this year to last, I can’t deny I’ve improved! As a person and a artist! Excited!!!!


My friend surprised me with a gift today

It was a copic marker and I'm so grateful bless you BBY *^* ♡♡♡




Hello super sentai~ the best decision when I'm bored (thanks to a member of one of the Discord servers I am and who knows about super sentai until he gave me a website with subtitles, I'm like a girl inside a candy store right now +w+)


Wahoo I'm enrolled aaaaaa I'm so pumped 💪👁👄👁💪

Also I'm dyin the local TAFE is using my painting on thier flyers for the art courses they're running zkhdkjdk (signed a thing that said they could so I'm not angry) more of a fun surprise; it was weird goin in there and being like oh hey that's me