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♬ Happy Birthday Positive Board!♬

Welcome to the positivity board. This opposites the complaints board in which you can post about all the happy and positive things that are happening with you! Whether you feel blessed, want to hype on about something or whatever, you can do so here. 

Please keep the board PG13 or under and no NSFW please! No name dropping unless the person is comfortable with you. Keep gifs to a minimum. 

This board is under new management. Mod remains anonymous. 

Thank you for enjoying this board for 2 years! Happy posting!  


my gf rly went and sent me some money so i could treat myself to some spaghetti....... she is an absolute 100% pure angel how can a being so perfect exist ;_; i love her


My mum is going to support me to becoming who I want to be. I'M HAPPY. Three weeks so far of happiness.


FINALLY got my new computer parts snagged up and a new monitor.... was really stressful at first but not giving up made it SO worth it, and now i'll be having something other than secondhand, 10+ year old stuff to work with!!!!!!!!! cries in relief...
also we hit a personal milestone on our bank acct even with all the mishaps along the way (needing a new monitor especially LOLOL) so i'm like... SUPER jazzed but in a responsible adult kinda way hfgfghffg it never hurts to keep saving but omg i'm just glad we're not like... struggling like how it always used to be.... i'm very happy and proud ;v;


I’ve got a sudden rush of self confidence, self love and energy!! While ofc it’s happening before bed, and I probs won’t feel it in the morning, idc rn I feel great aaa


Tired and improving at home after a family trip but at least I recovered some of what I spent on the trip with a written job owo/


Even though feel-goods wise it wasn't the greatest ever, I'm still pretty proud of the fact that I managed to get myself to draw digitally again! I tend to slack off on that abit too much so not doing that was nice ;w;