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Since the original Unpopular Opinion Thread is locked (it turned into a shit-show reeeaaal fast) , I've gotten permission to remake it. 

I've decided to use the original rules for the thread since those were gucci

Edit: I didn't mean to post ic aaaaaaaa

Spoilers: Rules

- Don't be very rude or snarky to others. Remember, everyone has their own personal opinions.

- Disagreeing with someone's opinion is allowed, as long as it's not rude.

- Yo don't namedrop people, even if they're not on this site.

- To avoid causing a mess, refrain from starting an argument at all times!

- If there's something wrong going on in this thread, or if it's going out-of-hand, please PM me so that I can take care of it!

- Vaguing someone is prohibited, and it's connected to the third rule.

- Please do not post more than twice per page, so that it won't cause too much of a mess.

- It's okay if you vent, don't go too all-out on it. This is not the Vent Board.

- Also, please try not to turn this thread into a saltfest.

- Please, no opinions focused on racism, LGBT, politics, religion and the like. These will cause a massive flamewar. Controversial opinions are also not allowed unless taken lightly.

- Don't say stuff like "I don't like X" or "What? I love X!" in a way that's aggressive. This is meant to be a nice thread about sharing your unpopular opinions, not countering someone else's opinion.

-If it's something nsfw, use a spoiler box, or blackout the text  like this

- Don't call this thread out as a "bad idea." If you don't like this thread, please do not post here.

-Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning, or ban depending on how severely you broke the rules.

Ey yo,  if you see someone breaking the rules, pm me. I love it when ppl do this because I'm a blind bih.

Banned Users

None (yet, but I think it's time to bring this bad boy out.)


Pinapple on pizza is good !!


Calling stuff you don't like cringe is dumb. Cringe culture as a whole is awful.

Shitting on kids for being kids with their fortnite dances or whatever they do makes you a dumbass. Kids have fun their way, and that way doesn't hurt anyone. and I bet you did something equally as silly in your youth. It's called being a kid let them have it.

Dogs and cats are great for different reason and it's absolutely silly to like one over the other. Having preference for which to keep as a pet is not the same thing, and that is logical to go with the animal you feel you can better care for.


mint bad


(Hey thanks for making a remake of my old thread! I really appreciate it!)

Prefering dub anime over sub is fine, but saying that just because sub is annoying/cringy just seems unkind because Seiyuus also did a good job on their part. Both sub and dub are good either way.


As much as I wanna use the gif I posted in the previous thread again, I'll be more serious this time around.

📢 Yugioh Zexal is good, and so is Vrains 📢


I was sooo excited to see this thread revive.

I don't approve of 'real people fanfiction' to any degree. That's SO inappropriate in so many ways...


(^^ agreed)

Sushi is so good! I don't get why so many people hate it!


Oh yus it’s back bois

Real people fan fiction is so damn creepy. I don’t understand the appeal of shipping people who have real life friendships, relationships or marriages. It’s plain disrespectful.


true. i accept a block and don't ever try and interact with them or anything, its their business but as long as they're comfortable its ok.

also i LOVE sushi and fish in general but no one else in my family shares the enthusiasm


Ranch dressing is delicious on everything, pass it on


Meh, RPF doesn't bother me so long as people don't become tinhatters.

Antis are the bane of all fandoms. Look, I don't like a lot of ships, but I just block those tags and move on with my life. Don't. Bully. People. Over. Ships.


I agree with you @lotor I'm chill when people block me.

Another unpopular opinion:

I don't like Pepperoni Pizza. Whenever I see pepperoni on pizza, I remove it.