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Since the original Unpopular Opinion Thread is locked (it turned into a shit-show reeeaaal fast) , I've gotten permission to remake it. 

I've decided to use the original rules for the thread since those were gucci

Edit: I didn't mean to post ic aaaaaaaa

Spoilers: Rules

- Don't be very rude or snarky to others. Remember, everyone has their own personal opinions.

- Disagreeing with someone's opinion is allowed, as long as it's not rude.

- Yo don't namedrop people, even if they're not on this site.

- To avoid causing a mess, refrain from starting an argument at all times!

- If there's something wrong going on in this thread, or if it's going out-of-hand, please PM me so that I can take care of it!

- Vaguing someone is prohibited, and it's connected to the third rule.

- Please do not post more than twice per page, so that it won't cause too much of a mess.

- It's okay if you vent, don't go too all-out on it. This is not the Vent Board.

- Also, please try not to turn this thread into a saltfest.

- Please, no opinions focused on racism, LGBT, politics, religion and the like. These will cause a massive flamewar. Controversial opinions are also not allowed unless taken lightly.

- Don't say stuff like "I don't like X" or "What? I love X!" in a way that's aggressive. This is meant to be a nice thread about sharing your unpopular opinions, not countering someone else's opinion.

-If it's something nsfw, use a spoiler box, or blackout the text  like this

- Don't call this thread out as a "bad idea." If you don't like this thread, please do not post here.

-Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning, or ban depending on how severely you broke the rules.

Ey yo,  if you see someone breaking the rules, pm me. I love it when ppl do this because I'm a blind bih.

Banned Users

None (yet, but I think it's time to bring this bad boy out.)


OCs centered around normal human setting or anything around the 21st century aren't boring or generic at all.......let people write in whatever setting they want 


Unicode emojis are better than the modern ones


Agreeing with Historia here, the Apple ones are just plain obnoxious sometimes


nintendo direct wasnt that bad



Animal crossing is a good series but asking for it every time a direct comes on is really annoying. That fire emblem fates game doesn't really add anything to the smash roster and is kind of a waste of good roster space to add their characters. I'm going to hell for saying these shit opinions of mine ain't I



I legit agree with you regarding Animal Crossing. While it's a cute series, I feel like people pandered it enough. I think they need to be patient when it comes to Nintendo Directs. (Also, I didn't watch the recent direct due to fear of disappointment)

Speaking of the recent direct...

Unpopular Fire Emblem Three Houses opinion:

Female!Byleth's design is really good, though I'm not a big fan of the lower part of it...

(I also drew her recently! She's so pretty.)

Another related opinion regarding directs... (To avoid double-posting on this page.)

I don't like watching directs/streams in general, because everytime a new direct shows up, people get super salty, and the last time I watched a stream was back in September when I only watched most of it before the stream froze, preventing me from watching it.


agreed with above, f!byleth looks amazing and i would die for her

relatedly, three houses in general looks fantastic and i am bouncing off the walls in excitement for it


MYO Prices are getting a little out of hand, 35 bucks for me to design my own character? Cmon


the 'link is dead in majora's mask' theory is all fun like every other hilariously overthought game theory but its not true so let's stop assuming its true

i mean. personally i think its a bad theory thats bad but if people like thinking about it thats on them but when it gets to the point that it's brought up every time i wanna talk about the game it's time to 

s t o p


i mean, i enjoy joking around about nonsensical game theories but yeah, there's more to the game then one edgy theory

other unpopular opinions hmm
- i dont give a damn about ships in media (tv shows, video games, literally anything) romance is boring and having some good healthy supportive friends isn't wrong!! i don't hate people who are heavily into shipping, but with such scandals like voltron i tend to stay away from them

- i love animal crossing as much as the next person, but i'll be honest after getting a decent amount of upgrades and stuff in new leaf, i'm feeling much less motivated to go back and finish up the rest

- minecraft hunger games is better then fortnite don't @ me

- dangonronpa is hella confusing and i feel like some people are only into it bc of the aesthetically pleasing characters and soft cinnamon boyos uwu