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Since the original Unpopular Opinion Thread is locked (it turned into a shit-show reeeaaal fast) , I've gotten permission to remake it. 

I've decided to use the original rules for the thread since those were gucci

Edit: I didn't mean to post ic aaaaaaaa

Spoilers: Rules

- Don't be very rude or snarky to others. Remember, everyone has their own personal opinions.

- Disagreeing with someone's opinion is allowed, as long as it's not rude.

- Yo don't namedrop people, even if they're not on this site.

- To avoid causing a mess, refrain from starting an argument at all times!

- If there's something wrong going on in this thread, or if it's going out-of-hand, please PM me so that I can take care of it!

- Vaguing someone is prohibited, and it's connected to the third rule.

- Please do not post more than twice per page, so that it won't cause too much of a mess.

- It's okay if you vent, don't go too all-out on it. This is not the Vent Board.

- Also, please try not to turn this thread into a saltfest.

- Please, no opinions focused on racism, LGBT, politics, religion and the like. These will cause a massive flamewar. Controversial opinions are also not allowed unless taken lightly.

- Don't say stuff like "I don't like X" or "What? I love X!" in a way that's aggressive. This is meant to be a nice thread about sharing your unpopular opinions, not countering someone else's opinion.

-If it's something nsfw, use a spoiler box, or blackout the text  like this

- Don't call this thread out as a "bad idea." If you don't like this thread, please do not post here.

-Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning, or ban depending on how severely you broke the rules.

Ey yo,  if you see someone breaking the rules, pm me. I love it when ppl do this because I'm a blind bih.

Banned Users

None (yet, but I think it's time to bring this bad boy out.)


agreed with the opinions abt cats, pluto, and the people aren't easily offended thing ( you shouldn't need to ask about triggers either,, )

lets! see!

- bugs are very cool and interesting ( i just don't like seeing the bigger ones irl; also i think i remember when i was a kid i was the type who played with ants and bugs n stuff - this is probably why i have so many humanoid bug / animal ocs - but drawing bug wings,, is annoying esp if they're transparent ones )

- stunfisk and the vanillish line? absolutely amazing. i love them. trubbish is also good, i realized this after that one episode of pokemon it was in

- still talking about pokemon this was prob. more unpopular when it originally came out, but the sun and moon animes art styles pretty nice! ( i like the round-ness ) also i love that.. eevee... that covers.. its.. eyes.. with hair. i live for them

- this feels like in the middle of unpopular and popular, but steven universe is fine; it has its flaws ofc, but other shows do too, and it seems people.. focus a lot on the flaws if they're being negative about it ( also the whole calArts style thing is stupid?? like who cares,, its. a style.. that works. )

- i don't really like any adult swim shows or offensive / dark humor shows ( south park, mr pickles whatever the hell that show was?? i rlly don't like that.. show, etc - also fun fact i was exposed to south park, family guy, and robot chicken as a very.. young child. around 6 years old. thankfully it didn't affect me as far as i know ? )

- ytps are genuinely funny if done right ( also unsure if it's unpopular, but .. yeah )

- most indie games are better than mainstream games i find?? ( unless its nintendo games for me ) but like?? indie games have real cool gimmicks that are usually done right, like baba is you n stuff!! also i feel like.. the first person shooter category is getting old? i'm fine with it but we need more diversity in genres and companies that do these types of games a lot should branch out more! have fun with whatever your making and do something new while ur at it

- lovechildren are really fun and nice to make!! it's also nice to get around that community and find other people with the same LC pairings ( this is how i met my main discord friend group, actually! )

- this is just me trying to find loose opinions in my pocket relating to my interests, but brief is the best character from paswg. forget stocking and panty. and to pull out my other character interest, lowen is the best fe7 cavalier in my eyes


my eyeballs are tired so my writing is gonna suck but;

  • i don't find people like jimmy fallon, conan o'brien, or virtually.. any late night talk show host to be funny. they get on my nerves, and jimmy just has a rather smug look about him. also they keep referencing memes and pop culture to try n be relevant.. just stop

  •  gross-out humor isn't funny. just gross. i don't get people who burp or fart obnoxiously and think its amusing - i can't count the amount of times i've just rolled my eyes or felt utterly disgusted by that stuff.

  • blocking isn't cowardly - people can use the tool provided to them for whatever reason they see fit. if they feel to be uncomfortable and want to just remove the feeling of that, it should be fine for them to block whoever.

Unpopular opinion though: I don't think there's anything wrong with "negativity threads" such as this or the pet peeves threads. If I grow tired of reading them, I stop. In fact I don't read this thread on a normal day-by-day basis. I don't think they make the forum worse or give a bad first impression to new members. Negativity is normal on the internet, reading about people disliking things is often more entertaining and it helps people vent or share their frustrations.


cats and dogs are both awesome, and comparing them is like comparing apples and zucchinis or something.


people who watch doctor/firemen/police shows are weird

 especially when they judge me for watching anime


Back yet again with some more unpopular opinions.

- Aquaman was more enjoyable than most Marvel movies I've seen. I loved how it had a really campy vibe to it. Had lots of fun watching it.

- I actually love The Polar Express and it is unironically my favorite Christmas movie. I remember being blown away by the animation when I saw it at the movies as a kid. 

- I don't like the designs of the characters in Splatoon at all. Doesn't matter how many times I see them I just can't get used to the way they look. It's something about their faces I think. They look... off?

- Peanut butter is gross and I hope I never have to eat the stuff ever again. Actually I'm not a big fan of peanuts in general.

- The Monkees were a great band. One of my favorite bands even! I know they were put together for a TV show but god damn they had some great songs. I'd take the Monkees over highly rated bands such as Radiohead or Nirvana any day of the week. And I don't care if people think I have crap taste in music for liking them.

- I don't like icecream cakes much. They always have a weird flavor imo.


People are way too rude and judgemental to others for liking something they don't 

Like if you don't like x TV show or book or movie then just say, "I don't like x" don't turn it into "people who do like x are stupid or lame or cringy or whatever insult here" don't judge people for the content they like

(edit cause I didn't really like some of my wording oof)


The live action Thunderbirds movie is pretty great imo apparently a lot of people hated it? 


The Super Mario Bros movie is


actually. dont @ me i dont care


Jumping aboard the "the live action was good" train! CHOO CHOO

The Speed Racer live action was A W E S O M E