🌠Make a wish! - The Toyhouse Wishing Well⛲

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Welcome to the wishing well, what's your wish for today?

Let's all have share some fun, little wishes! It may or may not granted, but it's always good to hope for something in the long run, right?

...However, this thread is meant for sharing your wishes, more specifically positive goals or hopes! Please don't use this as a place to vent or namedrop/vague a person, or ask for something too specific. (Direct compliments are another thing, however) There's always other threads for things like that.


  • As I've said, your wishes doesn't have to be something that really needs to be granted. We can at least hope that with enough efforts and luck, these wishes may happen~ But that also doesn't excuse you to be negative, because you don't go out there to the wishing well and asking for bad things to happen, right?
  • And by default, no NSFW or any sensitive contents allowed!
  • No limits for posting, but you might want to wait until a few posts (or edit your reply) if you want to post more than a few replies at once to not flood the thread.
  • While I don't want to police things too much, here's some general examples of what wishes you can share so we all can have a great time here:


  I wish I can improve on anatomy / I wish I will draw more this year / I wish I can comm this favorite artist of mine someday / I hope I'll do well with commissions next year

   I wish I don't suck at anatomy / I wish I'll stop being stupid and draw more over sleeping or might as well just kms / I wish [insert artist] will finally give me a comm/MYO CS slot soon (??please don't??) / Someone please buy my art I'm broke and I want money


   I hope [OC name] will get the happiness they deserve (you may post IC) / I think I finally found my dream design and hopefully I can get it someday / I hope I save and get more comm for this OC because I've been obsessed with them lately

   I hope [insert OC] will stop being <insert sensitive content> lol / I hope I can get this character [insert link of the exact design you want] (Please, don't make it too specific like that!) / I want more people will fav or draw more fanarts for [insert OC] (This is not a place to ask for requests!)


   I hope I can be happier or more positive / I aim to be more productive / I wish that I'll finish this personal project of mine someday

  I hope I'll die soon / I wish that every distractions would stop interfering my plans / I wish this week would stop being so bad because [insert vent here]

Related to any person besides you?:

  I hope [person you like, @/your friend] will have a great day (make sure your friend is okay with any mentions!) / I love [insert your friend]'s works and wish that they'll keep up with their great efforts!

  I wish [person you dislike] will die soon / I hope [insert your friend] will get better at their artworks, actually learn anatomy and background and <insert any other critique> (??very specific and can come off awkward or forceful)


   I hope 2019 will be a great year! / I wish that Toyhouse will continue being a great site / I'm amazed by my friends/this fandom right now and I hope they'll continue being great

  I wish that I'll end up [insert negative things] in 2019 / I wish Toyhouse will finally add this specific feature to the site (please direct that to Bugs & Suggestions!) / I hope this fandom will stop existing because this fanbase sucks so much

(Of course there's always more examples I can include but the existing examples should give enough general gist, hopefully?)

Now then, let's all spread the good and hopeful vibes c: and hope that this thread won't die fast lol

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I'll start with mine! My wish is becoming more positive and improve more on art c: Oh, and hopefully save for my first tablet someday-

Edit: I also want to become less shy and more interactive-


I wish to improve my art. 

I also wish that one day i'll be able to finally buy a design or commission a fursuit!

Also i wish my friends are having a good day, uhh hi Eclipse566 hope you're doin' okay


what a cute thread!!!!! 

I wish I'll get more sleep towards the end of the school year bc I've been staying up a lot lately o)--( and I wish (tho more on hope) I'll get to finish my to-do list soon !! and get better at designing and expand from usually casual designs ; o ; ) been wanting to expand out lately but a bit afraid to get out of my comfort zone; but hopefully soon since I want to try new things!!!! 


i hope that i'll find more confidence in myself, get a job, make new friends, and be happier! :3

Arsenic celestiials

I wish I can get an idea for Asa's backstory, I've been stumped on it for a bit (not sure if this is appropriate, sorry!)

But that aside, I wish I could have a happy break!


i wish that someday ill be able to visit my friend in canadia (dont worry i know that the actual spelling is canada X3) and go to a con with her. or get her over to the states so we can go to a con together!


@celestiials (I won't ping) That should be fine! (Again, as long as it's positive and nothing too direct ofc)


I hope I can start improving on my characters/designs, and also improve my adopts.


i wish for the health of my family and to pass all my classes this semester ~


I wish I could improve on my art, and maybe someday even do comissions!


I hope I'll be able to upload the next Sinfonia demo in early January like I have tentatively planned! 


I wish I can finally trust myself !
And I hope to keep improving my art ! I really want to reach that level I wish as quick as possible, but of course, I need to practice !