Some people have strictly humanoid ocs. Some people have strictly anthro ocs. Some people have strictly feral ocs. 

We all have a preferance, even if it's just slightly so.

What is yours? What do you find appealing about your choice? Why did you first "chose" this? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

As always, Do Not turn this into a nsfw thread, keep it family friendly guys. And if you MUST, black it out. This is just a friendly discussion.

Will be posting mine shortly.


I tend to slightly prefer characters with humanlike faces just because I have a harder time with doing muzzles from certain angles. Similar reason for my slight preference for humanoid body types; quadrupeds are more difficult for me from certain angles.


I've preferred each of those at different times in my life. I prefer humans now because there's more I can do with them.


(Oh my god i was typing for 14 minutes straight)

I prefer anthros and ferals! When I first joined the internet, it was on a pet adoptable site called Chickensmoothie. I got into making characters due to Warriors, a fantasy series about feral cats. This, of course, led to me making plenty of feral ocs, and my own 'fanclans'. Eventually I joined a lion roleplay, then a dog one, then some Pokemon ones where you WERE the Pokemon. I never joined one where you were a human, not by choice, but by chance. I then discovered the user-made adoptables section, a hotspot for closed species and other feral/anthro characters to be adopted out through contests! (Sort of like WTAs, but you had a form.) A humanoid character in the adoptables section was a rare site at best, they were mainly ferals, and your occasional anthro. So, at an early state, all my characters were ferals.

I, of course, as someone with non-human characters often does, had a point in which every single last one of my characters was some form of canine. Mostly ferals, though there was Snap, an anthro crocodile-dog hybrid.

At this point, it had literally never crossed my mind that there were people out there that geniunely made human ocs. I'd only seen them in the context of "cringe blogs" that made fun of base art. It was like that for... well, up until when I joined toyhouse. I had HEARD of people with majority humanoid ocs, but it seemed like some sort of elusive myth. When I joined toyhouse, I was startled by how common humanoid ocs were, and I wasn't sure how to react. And to be quite frank, I still get startled whenever I see a human oc. Old habits die hard, I guess!

And when I started to get older, my ocs gradually shifted from normals animals and hybrids to being full-blown aliens, monsters, and demons. I just don't see the appeal in normal animals anymore. If you look at all my characters, and ignore those that are warriors fcs, you'll notice exactly 2 whole normal animals ocs (not counting hybrids), a sparkledog tribute character, and my inchworm fursona, only one of whom, my fursona, is actively being used. And for my humanoid ocs? Very few of them, and not all of them are being used actively.

So in short, I mostly have feral and anthro characters because, well, thats what I thought EVERYBODY had, and I thought it was the norm everywhere.

But yeah! Thanks for reading till the end, if you did!


When I started posting my art online I was a canine artist and only had feral canine ocs, pretty much! From there I moved to anthros and finally to humans, and by now I have a mix of them, although I learn more towards humans. I actually consider ferals and anthros way easier to draw as a whole compared to humans, but I guess I still feel so insecure about my human art I sort of hold myself back? Because when I was just starting out on human art properly I was told by several people I should stop drawing humans because I clearly can't draw them and should instead just stick with dogs basically, and I was very young and (rightfully) got upset by several people telling me this, so out of a childish spite I actually stopped drawing everything else BUT humans and humanoids.

But yeah nowadays while I do have more humanoid characters I don't actually have a real preference between furries and humans, while I don't really care for feral characters all that much unless they have a humanoid form. I actually wish I could get past my insecurities and draw more furry art as a whole and thus post and use the furry characters I do have. 


I prefer to have human OCs, simply because I find harder to write for feral/anthro characters a background that fits with the others. These characters are simply pets most of the time or another form of the same OC. Anthro is easier, but I'm strugging to draw them soo...
I'm also more kin of humans because I read a lot of "realist" litterature and I love the characters, so when thinking of a story, my mind just gives straight up the more interesting ones to the humanoids.
But I actually began with Warriors character, and still produce some now, but it's only for rp and their design is not really original. I don't really consider them as my OCs, except one that stuck with me for 4 years.

As of for art matters, I find ferals to be a lot less of pain to draw and a lot funnier !


I started out with only anthro and feral ocs, as it was all I could draw. But I was never able to do any development for them, I wasn't able and still can't create a unique world that centers around animals so I started to drift. I completely quit after an issue with the furry fandom but it's incredibly personal so I'm not going to go into detail with it, I still have some anthro but I try my hardest to stray away from them. I always clarify I have nothing really against them, I just don't want to own them is all!

I also find it just, easier to write humans? I can do a lot more with them that I couldn't with animal and anthro OCs. I know some people can pull off some unique stuff but I have never personally been able to in all my 8+ years of writing characters so I'm more than given up on trying.

It also has to do with my art preferences, it's less awkward to draw said preference with humanoids.


I prefer anthros most, but I'm getting way more about humans, I mean I never hated humans, but until lately I just never saw any good bases for non artists for them, which there's still not, but well I guess I got past that and well yeah now I got both kinds in the same universe now. Ferals I can respect, but since I did a lot of MLP stuff before I am not a total stranger to ferals, but yeah that experience kinda drove me away from them, and I doubt I'd ever go for em, but they are perfectly good characters! Just not for me.

So well yeah I prefer Anthro just a bit more but as days go by, it's more an equal love. I love all my characters~


When I was a little child, I preferred ferals because something in my mind just related to those more than humanoids or anthros; I was pretty antisocial and found it much easier to talk to animals than people, so I guess that was the main reason. Plus, I read series like Warriors/Seekers and Wings of Fire, and I loved those books, so there’s another reason XD

Nowadays, I very much prefer human OCs when it comes to creating new OCs. I find that I can relate to them more than ferals or anthros and I can do more with them in writing. I used to be terrible at drawing them, but now, they’re easier to draw for me than ferals or anthros! I love designing human characters, it’s fun :D I can still write for them, but it’s easier with humans/humanoids for me, that’s all. Whenever I create a feral character in particular, they almost always act more human than animal. They have exaggerated human-like movements, they have expressive human emotions, and a few of them can even speak. Basically, they’re on the same level of sentience as humans. That’s how much of an influence drawing and writing human characters has had on me over the years XD


i personally prefer humanoids the most!! i think there was a time where i enjoyed anthros/ferals but as time went on i found it more difficult to identify with them ?? plus a lot of the people in the communities i grew up with were more humanoid people, so i just grew up to like humans more ! 

personally, i love designing humans and don't really care for the appeal of animals ?? no disrespect to those who do like them, some ppl design truly beautiful anthros/ferals and i get tempted to buy some designs, but ultimately it's just not my thing !


I like humanoids! The closer to "baseline" the better, though I really like demons and elves as well. Kemonomimi aren't really my thing beyond aesthetics, and I can appreciate anthros as well if their design is nice, but full on animals are just not my thing. I can appreciate monstrous ones for their design though, but if it's a fluffy dog or goat or something that looks like a mascot, not so much. They just . . . don't fit into any kind of world or story I'd care to explore, I guess. At best they'd be quirky NPCs for me. 


I’ve had all character types at some point heck I even had sparkle dog and emo dog OC’s and was involved in a few animal based ARPG’s for a short time but for me it’s firm human characters only now. I only enjoy drawing humans, I can do more with human characters and I can relate/connect to them better because I can actually draw them (I am very visual based person and a big part of bonding with a character for me is being able to draw them). It’s much easier for me to write from a human perspective too. I never could draw ferals or anthros that well since whilst I like to see feral/anthro art I wasn’t invested enough to actually willingly draw it myself and drew it more to try to get in with certain crowds which didn’t work and ended up stressful because I wasn’t enjoying drawing these things.

Lesson learned: stick to what makes you happy/you’re genuinely interested in drawing which for me is human OC’s.

Edit: After posting I remembered how I struggle to write lore for my Flight Rising dragons if I think about them as dragons but if I think about them as humanoid gijinkas it gets much easier. I think this is because I’m too used to reading, watching and creating real-world settings with 100% human characters and focusing on that human psychology to be fully comfy writing anything else. I never could write feral/anthros the same way I write humans. Even in my ARPG phases the focus was more on the human handlers and the animals were seen more as pets and characterised as such.


i have a mix of all but i much prefer designing humanoid characters bc ... i guess there's more u can do w/ them in terms of design and story ig? and i rly enjoy drawing them (i like drawing ferals too, but humanoids have that detail that i love, and anthros? hard. i hate drawing them tbh)!

hell, all my ferals even have human AU versions that fit into my hillview thing i got going on so i guess that further proves i like humanoids more 😅


My current preferances are Humanoids, though Non-Humanoid Monsters, Creatures, and Ghosts are also my current preferences. I hardly get attached to anthros/ferals that are based on actual animals nowadays, though I was very attached with them in the past. I also considered myself as a furry, but not anymore.

The abundance of ferals that are based on actual animals (i.e. Domestic Cats) is the reason why I've lost interest in them. It's not a bad thing, but I feel like domestic cat ferals look too much the same imo? I think those characters in particular just don't appeal to me.

Oddly enough, I use my humanoid characters more often in the forum games nowadays, but I still use my non-human charas.


I love both humans and anthros. My character collection probably is half human, and half anthro. 

Why humans? Well, probably because they're the easiest material to write about human characters :') I really love realistic stories and characters, to play with human psychology. Sure, there aren't many options design-wise when you want to keep your humans strictly natural (and not exuberant enough to have overly complex multicolour haircuts and outfits), but I don't mind much as I give more importance to a character's personality and background than to it looking unique. Actually, I don't need my characters to be unique.
I love humans, they're really fun to play with. However, they're, to me, a nightmare to draw.

Why anthros? I love animals, and I love to draw them. I've always been into anthro art and characters, starting with my childhood Disney comics. Having anthro characters gives more visual variety, you can play with shapes, textures and colours. Even though I actually hate drawing fur, I love drawing fully white, fully black or brightly coloured characters, and that's hard to do with realistic humans. Also, I love to draw muzzles and animal noses, and ears, and paws, and.. Well, animals are cute. My anthro characters usually work just like humans, they just have a slightly different appearance, kinda like most humanoid closed-species. Just think of Donald (the duck, not the president), he might be a duck, but he still acts like a human. Still, it makes the character more interesting and more recognizable that if he was just a human.

Humanoids with various ears, tails and skin colours can bring this variety as well, but, for some reason, I see no appeal to them at all. I just.... don't like them and do not feel inspired by them at all.  My characters are either human or anthro, but never "humanoid". 

As for feral, though, as much as I LOVE drawing them, I can barely use them as characters. I do have a few, but they're a minority, and really minor characters. Most of them aren't used anymore at all. I used to love animal characters as a kid, but now I just can't make it work anymore. It feels weird to give a human personality to an animal, and there aren't much things animal characters can do. They can't be a scientist, they can't be an artist, they can't travel the world, they can't even own a house nor have a job. I know many people do that, and will have feral dogs that are crazy scientists and love to bake cakes, but..... I'm just like "okay, how the hell can he do that with his dog paws?". It just doesn't work to me. I need my designs to fit my character's actual background :')  and feral, wild animals are quickly boring to me. Well, most of my animal characters live with humans. My animals do not talk nor use items, they'll just bark or meow, and the humans around them brings some more interest to their stories. Of course, I fully understand how you can have fun with wild animals, or with quadrupedal animals using human stuff with their paws. My Little Pony is a good example of it. But it just isn't my thing. At all.