💬Weekly random discussion & chat thread - W12

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Hey everyone! To start off 2019, this account and thread was made so that we could get along and chat with fellow Toyhouse members here within a specific topic of the week! Inspired by the Weekly Show Me A Character thread, a really random question or topic will be given here and everyone is allowed to answer or contribute their experiences that fits within the weekly prompt. The weekly prompt can be anything, and by anything means it can range from your hobby to your favorite thing in Toyhouse! We will try to avoid anything too personal as well as a prompt that will encourage negativity.


  • Everyone's experiences and answer may be different and we respect that, but try not to vent too much.
  • This is a general, casual chat thread that everyone can join so no sensitive or NSFW contents allowed.
  • As we mentioned casual, you're free to share as short or long as you want regarding the weekly question. Also, it may be a "weekly" question but there is no deadline and answering any past questions from previous weeks are very welcomed.
  • Please PM the mod (in private) in case any issues happen.
Finally, let's all have fun and get to know each other, as well as making new friends!

Week 12: Tell us about your favorite genres!

(Regardless of books, movies, shows, music, etc)

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  • Week 11: Are you currently collecting anything? 

👀 ethanol talk to me about dice

I’m another dice hoarder here!


This here is my collection of miscellaneous dice who I don’t have full sets for. They take up about half of a repurposed Pirouette cookie tin :0 In this pic you can see a bunch of various Pound-O-Dice, as well as: 2x Gemini Astral/White d4s, 2x Gemini Copper/Steel d4s, 2x Gemini Black/Blue d4s, 2x Pipped Borealis Purple d6s, 1x Gemini Blue/Green d4, 1x Gemini Black/Grey d6, 1x Gemini Purple/Teal d20, aaaaaaand 3 POD exclusive split pink and green dice which I like because they have the same sort of colors as the Splatoon 2 mascot Inklings, as well as Callie/Marie and Pearl/Marina. Wish there was a full set of them :’)

Aside from loose dice, I have a few other full sets as well! A set of HDDice Purple Pearl, HDDice Blue Aurora, 3 sets of POD exclusive green speckled (One red, one black, and one reinked blue), 2 POD exclusive blue speckled (Both with black ink, though I plan to reink one copper), a set of Festive Violet, a Lustrous Dark Blue, a full set of Gemini Copper/Steel, Gemini Green/Yellow, Gemini Purple/Red, aaaaand a Vortex Solar set :0c Most stores around here only carry Chessex, so I’ve got a lot of them in my collection, lol. My HDDice ones are some of my favorites for that reason, because I was able to identify them as non-Chessex dice in the store and grab them for some more variety in my collection! That all said, my goal is to someday own a set of the forbidden Borealis - Confetti, Clear, or Aquerple. Ideally all three, lol! I bid on an Aquerple set a few months back, and had the leading bid for a bit, but it got pushed out of my price range in the last few seconds :’) Someday...

Aside from that, I also have some stuff to start making my own dice! Resin, paints, stuff to make molds... I have ideas for a few sets already, so here’s hoping they come out well when I finally have a chance to do em!


Im a passionate collector of figures,plushes and 3d charms(like the lil chibi ones)! I really love all types esp sets/exclusives. My favorites atm are a Japanese shadow the hedgehog figure lootcrate was selling , gloomybear rare plushes they no longer make, One piece pop figure of Franky, and my one piece charms!(esp my franky and buggy)

I also collect stickers and cute stationary.


I've been too broke to work on any of my collections oof

but I collect toys (Mostly just the ones I think look good I'm not committed to just collecting one brand). I also collect Tokidoki Unicornos but I haven't worked on that collection for a while. Also hoping at some point to start collecting more vinyl figures/art toys than just unicornos mostly because I'm actually super into that kindof stuff and heck i actually wanna make my own vinyl figures some day


I'm collecting dragon figurines/statues/ornaments~! I'd love to collect dice too but im exceptionally picky with dice looks and colors etc. Theres a really pretty meteorite die that I'd like to acquire someday.

Week 12: Tell us about your favorite genres!

(Regardless of books, movies, shows, music, etc)


Oh bruh nobody in this week yet?

For shows and some books, I dont wanna recite similar things Ive said before so :3c linky link one and linky link two 

For movies, if not counting animated ones, I....cant watch too many live actions bc of my issue with distinguishing faces so I tend to prefer fantasy and stuff bc its easier to tell the character apart and follow the story ahah :^D

For games, I'm not particularly picky on genres tbh? There are few exceptions like horror games or games with heavy camera controls (motion sickness...) but otherwise I dont mind anything as long as its good, though this is coming from someone whos her last console was the good ol' DS :3c

For music, uh, I have performers and composers I like, but again, I'm open to most genres as long as its nice? Hahah


Video games: Puzzles, RPGs, Rhythm Games, and Platformers.

Movies/Anime: Action Adventure, Comedy, Animated features by Disney or Illuminax (I think that's the studio name?). I'm getting real turned off by romance recently, probably because fic does romance a billion times better on average.

When I read fic, it's almost all romance:  Friends-to-lovers, Mutual Pining / Mutual Idiots, Starcrossed anything, and some questionable (but not illegal) content that makes me feel dirty/wrong when I feel depressed/etc so I have something to focus my ugly feelings on instead of having them for "no reason". Mostly centered around bad/angsty pairings where things go poorly the whole way. I don't read real books, really.

Music: older garbage (50's-mid-90's) in the rock/pop genres. I like electroswing enough to listen but not seek it out, and retrowave(?) is pretty chill sometimes but it's an automatic turn off if it has legible lyrics/words in it. There's another wave/synth style that's really cool (I think it has a name similar to a car?) but I can't think of the name. Videogame and some movie OSTs are my biggest genre and I'll listen to BGM more than basically anything else. Some Jpop is good (Hikki is my biggest fave), but I'm not "wow it's Japanese so it's automatically better" with music, but current J-pop/rock is (generally) better than current pop music on the radio here. 


Fantasy, Sci-fi, Cyberpunk!!

More specifically, single player rpgs for games. Especially with character customisation (pls god its 2019, let us pick our player characters gender more often kthnx).

If my brain doesn't wanna work, then comedies, romance. Rom-Coms are good for mindless watching!

Puzzle games are fun, esp the zero escape series which is my life.

Film wise, I'll watch a bit of everything. Animated, fantasy, horror, romance, comedy, thriller, sci-fi, musicals.

I like a lot of things tbh!

Oh yea and for music, actually everything. My playlist is 4k songs and counting, from all kinds of different things. If I like the tune, or the lyrics then it'll go on the playlist.

I will try almost anything genre wise! (the only thing I don't really like watching is stuff that uses shock factor, like a good chunk of 'banned' movies do. that tends to be where I go 'nah not going there').


Let's see...

I don't watch series or movies, i don't read and i only play the sims so... Let's talk about music. Im having a metalhead phase. My Spotify playlist is like 99% hard rock/metal and that's really funny and sad at the same time. Im open to all subgenres tho, but i think that maybe i should listen to more things, but the other things i like (lovelive a vocaloid songs) aren't on Spotify so.


Music, mostly dubstep, or the fact that the majority of the songs on my iPod are from either the Portal and Portal 2 soundtracks, or tge Portal Stories: Mel soundtrack. TV shows, give me something with ghosts or mystery, and you've got me. For video games, well, I have horror games, like Bendy and the Ink Machine, puzzle games like Portal, platformers like BattleBlock Theater, and shooter games like Overwatch (oof the only shooter game I have.) Woooo this was a long post