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Hey everyone! To start off 2019, this account and thread was made so that we could get along and chat with fellow Toyhouse members here within a specific topic of the week! Inspired by the Weekly Show Me A Character thread, a really random question or topic will be given here and everyone is allowed to answer or contribute their experiences that fits within the weekly prompt. The weekly prompt can be anything, and by anything means it can range from your hobby to your favorite thing in Toyhouse! We will try to avoid anything too personal as well as a prompt that will encourage negativity.


  • Everyone's experiences and answer may be different and we respect that, but try not to vent too much.
  • This is a general, casual chat thread that everyone can join so no sensitive or NSFW contents allowed.
  • As we mentioned casual, you're free to share as short or long as you want regarding the weekly question. Also, it may be a "weekly" question but there is no deadline and answering any past questions from previous weeks are very welcomed.
  • Please PM the mod (in private) in case any issues happen.
Finally, let's all have fun and get to know each other, as well as making new friends!

Week 3: What is your favorite local cuisine or food?

* You're free to share from your own or other countries'!

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Oh yeah I'm also adding another one.

Live2D animation.....

I like how the animation is used in most mobile games I play but 1) The process looks so confusing 2) Most of my characters' details looks quite intricate to separate all the assets for a Live2D and can I have the patience for that ahgfdaghfd

The thing I want to learn the most is webcomic though. I tried to read every panelling and typesetting tips and guides to backgrounds or planning and whatnot but I'm 100% sure I'll forget all of them once I actually start on the thing orz



I don't know anything about Tyrano but I knew basically nothing about python when I jumped into ren'py and it was super easy to pickup and do unique things with. But Godot is literally the same with "you already know what you're doing, here's our language to do the same thing" garbage. Good luck!


Even though I used to draw for over 10 years, I didn't actually understand it or learn much. I have a strange learning disability where I have a hard time understanding abstract things and drawing falls under it. I've studied books, went to some art classes and tried self teaching but none of it yielded results. I also have the attention span of a flea, so it's also difficult for me to pay attention. I don't know why this is, but it's preventing me from drawing! Not to mention my insane anxiety and triggers are drawing itself. 😂


I'd love to learn how to write better than 10 year old in english but my mother language is too damn different grammatically that I just fail to put together proper sentences that would be considered a good writing and not awkward snoozefest. Was thinking about buying books in english because reading is supposed to help you with writing but they are so expensive here?? Unless you want something super popular which I'm in most cases not a fan of so.. fml

Also coding.. I'm just too dumb to understand that no matter how many beginner guides I tried to follow

Week 3: What is your favorite local cuisine or food?

* You're free to share from your own or other countries'!


even though i’m like two hours away from the ocean i don’t really like seafood , but literally anything from a seafood place is good . like specifically chicken strips made at seafood places are almost always super good *-* though i have been meaning to try shrimp and maybe go out of my comfort zone 

not sure if other coasts have it but the northwest coast also has a bunch of candy stores with stuff they make there and it always smells so good in there ..... i just miss going to the coast because it’s cold and windy and rainy this time of year sggafafshags


Most of the local food is spicy Mexican stuff that I'm too white for but there's also prickly pear cactus fruits? Ive only had them once bit prickly pear fruits are but they're pretty good. It's also just really cool eating from cactus  xD 


local food for me is all fast food or deep fried unfortunately (unfortunately... as if i'm not at maccas on the regular) - but there is a little sushi shop i like to visit! they have all sorts of great food there and not just sushi :0! there is a woman i know who used to own a rly nice indian restaurant but due to circumstances it had to close down but sometimes she cooks us nice curries when we visit her at her home so i still count her food as some of my fave local cuisine ;w;


I really like Japanese food. Mixed rice is really easy to make and I enjoy it! Also, I went vegetarian recently, and there's a lot of easy vegetarian dishes to make! I also really love onigiri, but it takes a bit too long to make,,,


Week 3: What is your favorite local cuisine or food?

Finnish food is imo incredibly bland which makes sense because we have been a poor country in the past struggling to live so it only makes sense the foods are relatively simple. I really super enjoy pea soup though, it's so fast and easy to make when it's just in a can and it feels strange you can't really buy that stuff from everywhere? Likewise mashed potatoes, reindeer meat & lingonberry jam is good as long as the meat is cooked well, otherwise it'll feel really.. idk sticky? I also like elk meat and we eat it at home every Christmas instead of buying ham + they always come from hunters straight, this year from my brother who was part of the hunt so Free Meat


My country is a multiracial/cultural country so its hard to choose one (especially I used to live in a place that doesn't solely focus on Malaysian foods, but also Chinese and Muslim-Indians) but I love the roti canai flatbread a lot.... also nasi kandar and kuey teow? I have no idea what are the exact English names for these foods plus the wikipedia just list the names like that rip. 

Japanese dishes are very limited here (unless you pay more $$$ for the "rare" ones) but sushi is A++. I also tried  pandan chicken before and it's....godsent and I want to try it again....... (my late dad bought it from Indonesia, but google says it's a Thailand cuisine? Both are respectively my parents' origin, funnily enough-) Speaking of Thai....Tom Yum is great too, I love it the most in hotpots lol.

We do have Western foods here but not those I consider a local speciality I guess since it's just the usual burgers and pizzas.