Do you make OCs you wouldn't get along with irl?

Posted 5 months, 11 days ago (Edited 5 months, 11 days ago) by timeandtimor

I was thinking about heroes and villains and how a lot of us give our characters our own traits, and then that had me thinking about how I would get along with most of my characters because of those shared qualities. But I want to know, do you guys ever make characters that you couldn't get along with?

Phenex muwi

I have few characters I know I can get along with. Most of them I wouldn't mind chilling with because their qualities outweigh their flaws. But I have some that I couldn't at all - I don't mind jerks but too much jerk is hhhhh

Like Phenex, who could ever get along with him, to be honest?


Yeah, lots of them, tbh If you put me as their parent sure I love everyone but if you ask me to meet and befriend them irl, nnnnnnnnnah, I don't think I could


oh hell yeah i have a ton i dont think i'd get along with actually SKKSS

i dont even think i'd get along with my own persona / main honestly? he just brings a lot of trouble and even though i put a lot of myself into him, i just dont think it'd work out x(


Cept like one I don't think any of them would be very enjoyable to be around if they were real people.   But they're likeable fine as characters.


I feel like I probably wouldn't get along with half of my characters, precisely because we either share the traits we can't stand in each other or we're just fundamentally disagreeing on moral things we find important. Even with some of my most used OCs I literally couldn't stand being in the same room with them (like Claude), but since I like to make genuinely nice and sweet characters at least those are the ones I'd at the very least get along with 


I think pretty much all of my characters I wouldn't get along with. I'd still like their 'designs' if I met them but I wouldn't particularly like them.

I generally don't get on with anyone in real as I don't have time for people. At most, it'd most likely be my ferals I'd get along with if any.


Honestly, I probably wouldn't get along with most of my OCs. I know for certain I would hate to be around my absolute fave ones.


I have a lot of characters I wouldn't get along with--heck, I probably wouldn't get along with my own fursona, as she's written to be the biggest jerk possible.

Even some of my nicer characters I wouldn't get along with, simply because I'd be irritated by being around them irl. I still absolutely love them as characters, though; they're fun to write.


I don't always give my own traits to my characters. I like to make them different. And I own a lot of characters that I wouldn't get along with irl. They aren't villains, they aren't assholes, some of them are nice people they're just.... not my kind of people. 

I love to write about people having a different personality, different opinions and a different way to see life. It'd be boring to only write about people that looks like me. 


Yeah I have a lot of characters who I wouldn't get along with. Not that I think they have bad qualities, but their lives/age/experiences are just so different from mine I would have a hard time finding common interests hahaha.


I barely get along with all of my characters, besides anyone tagged as "My Babs", because most of them either lost connection with me overtime, or I barely even use them anymore. Most of the characters that I created and not adopted don't look interesting to everyone in the public, probably because some are really old designs that I made back in 2017/2018.