Do you make OCs you wouldn't get along with irl?

Posted 9 days, 8 hours ago (Edited 9 days, 8 hours ago) by timeandtimor

I was thinking about heroes and villains and how a lot of us give our characters our own traits, and then that had me thinking about how I would get along with most of my characters because of those shared qualities. But I want to know, do you guys ever make characters that you couldn't get along with?

Vrish FreeFallingUp13

//squints at my jerk OCs I've been making lately

... That is a very big yes... People like Vrish I cannot stand... BUT I need some variety in my characters. Not everybody is nice, so not all my characters can be nice, either. 

When I make a character who's decent in morals, they tend to end up being super good guys, so I'm trying to vary it up a little. It's REAL fun to come up with new snarky insults.


i think a good majority of my OCs i could probably stand to be around, but that number drops off real fast if we're talking about conversing and forming lasting bonds with lol. not a whole lot of my OCs are irredeemable a-holes, it's just that they either wouldn't tolerate me, Or i couldn't handle them for more than a little bit cause i'm a shy person and i don't often have the energy to be around super-extroverts, people who are too loud, people who are too negative... basically Too Much. i have a lot of OCs who are just Extra. and/or they're probably extremely intimidating to a small fry like me and i'd probably implode from nerves if they said anything to me D: 

but tbh i think i'd get along good with rowan and josh cause they're both chill and introverted and have enough dork in them to entertain my interests in conversation 🤔 


I am quiet and introverted, many of my character are loud, brash and out there 

They're not bad people, just people I'd never hang around, or I would think are obnoxious at first glance