Do you make OCs you wouldn't get along with irl?

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I was thinking about heroes and villains and how a lot of us give our characters our own traits, and then that had me thinking about how I would get along with most of my characters because of those shared qualities. But I want to know, do you guys ever make characters that you couldn't get along with?

Vrish FreeFallingUp13

//squints at my jerk OCs I've been making lately

... That is a very big yes... People like Vrish I cannot stand... BUT I need some variety in my characters. Not everybody is nice, so not all my characters can be nice, either. 

When I make a character who's decent in morals, they tend to end up being super good guys, so I'm trying to vary it up a little. It's REAL fun to come up with new snarky insults.


i think a good majority of my OCs i could probably stand to be around, but that number drops off real fast if we're talking about conversing and forming lasting bonds with lol. not a whole lot of my OCs are irredeemable a-holes, it's just that they either wouldn't tolerate me, Or i couldn't handle them for more than a little bit cause i'm a shy person and i don't often have the energy to be around super-extroverts, people who are too loud, people who are too negative... basically Too Much. i have a lot of OCs who are just Extra. and/or they're probably extremely intimidating to a small fry like me and i'd probably implode from nerves if they said anything to me D: 

but tbh i think i'd get along good with rowan and josh cause they're both chill and introverted and have enough dork in them to entertain my interests in conversation 🤔 


I am quiet and introverted, many of my character are loud, brash and out there 

They're not bad people, just people I'd never hang around, or I would think are obnoxious at first glance 


like 99% of my characters are obnoxious assholes id instantly hate on sight tbh


Honestly if Shade (icon dude) was a real person I would probably find him unbearably annoying lol.

But yeah! I can think of a few characters of mine that I wouldn't get along with for various reasons. I have some pretty awful individuals in my roster ahaha...and even those who aren't horrible I'd probably clash with over personality differences.  There are also some who I would love to hang out with irl tbh.

stinky bitch man beenz

no one could get along with this asshole. hes actually impossible and i hate him (but i love him with my whole entire heart)


Considering some of my characters are stinky murderers and some of them are just jerks, I wouldn't get along with them. (But as their creator I lov them anyways)


all the time. i'm a very sensitive person & i have lots of jerky, inconsiderate ocs. lol.

Malachi Renigee

I'd be able to at least tolerate most of them, except Malachi. I'd be terrified.

 Kanna StrawberryLunala

I'd actually be able to tolerate quite a few of them, and might even be able to be friends with a couple of them.

Other than the obvious villains and stuff though, I think the one I would get along with least would be Kanna. I'd personally turn the other direction and run. I originally picked out Patchtail, but here's the thing: Kanna's scariness, unlike Patchtail's, is not offset by anything. I mean..I based Kanna's design on mummies, and her powers are super creepy. So...

Cailci Yavier amymist

I want to do it more honestly, it's fun! Characters that are hard to get along with can be a fun source of tension/drama. Cailci is probably the strongest example I have, because while I have other characters who do villainous stuff and/or have views I disagree with, Cailci is just plain mean. She likes making fun of people with express purpose of making them upset, and I just have 0 patience for that sort of thing.


Most my characters would fall into that category. I wouldn't get on with them and they wouldn't get on with me. Either that or their story/lifestyle is just to different to mine so we wouldn't have anything to talk about or bond over. 

Or they're as introverted as me and we'd just be awkwardly in each others presence. *coughjessiecough*

Kali and Asher would both be fine with me but they're both very loud, excitable and tactile and I'd get worn out super fast and want to leave. 

Peight might be the only one that I could foresee actually being friends with. And thats because he could befriend anyone. 


I don't have him uploaded but I have a character named Ba'al who's a villain in one of my stories! I think he straight up sucks and is a horrible person with zero redeeming qualities. I always try to make villains someone I would HATE so I don't get attached and start wanting to redeem them


to be honest, not really? but my ocs have different traits from myself. i see them AS my friends rather than just my creations 

other than the villains bc they’re assholes