Which God should be worked on first?

12 Votes Death
6 Votes Life
1 Votes War
2 Votes Famine
6 Votes Disease
10 Votes Time
4 Votes Gravity
4 Votes Magic and Technology
2 Votes Music
3 Votes Flora
3 Votes Youth
2 Votes Love
13 Votes Illusions and Dreams
6 Votes Sunrise and Sunset
8 Votes Insects and Venom
1 Votes Wind
0 Votes Water
6 Votes Tectonic Plates
4 Votes Luck
4 Votes Anger

So I have been trying to develop and work on characters of mine that are over a decade old, some only six years old, but I have no idea where to start! 

They're all Gods with domains, stories, personality, and motivation, but instead of putting all that, I thought I'd just ask people to vote based on their Domains alone ;) 

Some are two characters in one, but you don't know which! 

And if you feel like commenting to choose a few, feel free! 

Thank you so anyone who takes time out of their day to help me out C:

They will all get some love, references of all forms and lots of lore written out, this is just to help my ADD mind focus on one at a time! 


Outside of Toyhou.se votes:

+1 Dreams and Illusions

+1 Life



Tetonic plates sound cool :0 I've never really seen a god based off that!


Beefy Thanks man! He's a cool dude, I'll tell you that 8) 

//Feel free to inquire over DMs if you're ever curious, you are my friend after all and I'm all too happy to gush over my kids XD 


I am excited to announce I've commissioned a reference for Sunset, am looking for someone to do Sunrise, and am nailing out exactly what I want for Dreams and Illusions so I may get her reference done too 8) 

Thank you everyone for participating <3 I will be continuing to use this as a reference for a long time yet, don't hesitate to vote if you want to and haven't yet c: