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talk to me about your favorite music and crap. will probably change the forum title later but i just really wanted to make a topic with that title lmao


hmm my favorite band is AFI; I've seen them live 3 times and every time is great. Magical. I love

my fav song is Scar Tissue by RHCP. as for that I certainly have songs I like that vary from day to day but eternally that song will always be "my favorite". like i suppose this season's song is Setsugetsuka. stupid idol boys

my fav genres are hard rock, power metal, folk metal, goth rock, edm, trance, techno, various other types of electronic music

i love vaporwave unironically 


I'll listen to pretty much any music type except country. JRock or EDM are faves tho. Most music I listen to are anime OPs/ED with some songs from video games scattered in.

Minus the hugeass library of Vocaloid + CeVIO songs I have.

Can't say I have a fave band but fave song would def be Shout it Loud by Scudelia Electro. Another huge fave is Bloody Stream (+ the remix) by Coda,

Lately I've been listening to the EDM version of Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town by The Du near nonstop.


my favourite band is typhoon probably! (if you wanna check them out try Artifical Light on that album... but the whole album is fantastic, its my fave). they have a huge amount of instrumentation and its so dramatic and emotional... which is the stuff i Love. mother falcon is another great band with a crapton of members doing like, 'orchestral pop' music per se...

also big on what i affectionately refer to as Sadboy Music like sufjan stevens or summer underground. i love a huge amount of random 2 or 3 songs here or there too which is a pain to figure out how to talk about in general when discussing my music taste haha. but i love music that makes me Feel and i love relating songs to characters so just... sadboy feelsy dramatic stuff. you know

heres a nonintensive list of some Good Stuff (ill link a song by each...):


I LOVE Barns Courtney, he's probably my favorite. He does blues/rock. Favorites by him are Rather Die, Good Things and Glitter and Gold, Got to see him play live and he was fantastic. <3 He was playing in a night club that had sound curfew so it wasn't a long set but still it was so worth the stress of getting there. 

I grew up with the Air Guitar albums along with ABBA and Queen (apparently as a baby soft music never put me to sleep/stopped me crying but Queen along with Ozzy Ozbourne and Alice Cooper would LOL) so naturally I'm very into rock and metal which makes up 90% of what I listen to. I I will try other stuff, I have a few pop songs (that I'd consider guilty pleasures), hip-hop and rap songs I like, I've been to Drum n Bass raves and I have a (psy-)trance/ambient trance and Hardstyle playlist for instance but generally I default back to rock/metal. I find I have to be in a particular mood to listen to other genres. 

Other bands I really enjoy are Fall Out Boy, Zayde Wølf, Pendulum, Shinedown, The Qemists, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Blue Stahli, All Good Things, and Thousand Foot Krutch. 

There's a small handful of Bon Jovi, The Score, Heroic and Panic! At The Disco songs I really, really like but wouldn't consider those artists as favorites.

As far as foreign bands go I only listen to German metal/rock music because of learning the language and I really enjoy Rammstein, OOMPH!, Megaherz and Eisbrecher.

I've been looping Glory Days - The Federal Empire, Starman - David Bowie, Major Tom - Heaven Below and Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana a lot lately.

Also I'm super psyched about seeing Disturbed on my birthday!


My favorite songs are from Sonic the Hedgehog games because they don't even sound like they're from a video game.

I'm not even joking. Listen to this this song.

Now listen to any early 2000s rock song. Do you see the simillarities?


hm... well... i don't rly have many favourite artists? but i do like a few!

birds of tokyo - a rly nostalgic band for me as my dad played them a lot when i was a kid! here's my two fave albums, day one and universes!
mother mother - ok i have enough songs of theirs downloaded to be considered a fan, i think... i like their no culture album the most i think
VIXX - it's kpop yeah don't shoot me, but there's smthn abt their music i rly like despite not actually liking kpop as a whole? here's a few songs i like (tho i have over 40 downloaded so it's a tough to narrow down), scentist, the closerblack outuhh *throws dart* beautiful killer???

here's a few other songs i like and this one is my favourite song bc it's a fucking bop and no-one can convince me otherwise, and i rly love this one even tho it's not smthn i'd typically like?

i swear my music taste is better than this i just
can't think of uh
songs? right now?

i like the kinda music on the triple j hottest 100 playlists from 2006-2008 tho - here's 2007's for a cheeky peek at more music i like but can't be fucked writing down

ik they're super edgy and kinda shit but i also like new medicine


i have a few bands i like. examples are Fall Out Boy (songs i love are Rat A Tat, The Carpal Tunnel Of Love, Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet, and Novocaine) Panic! At The Disco (Miss Jackson, Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, House Of Memories, Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)), Gorillaz (Clint Eastwood, Feel Good Inc, Dare, El Mañana, November Has Come, Hollywood, Tranz, Humility), Caravan Palace (Lone Digger, Wonderland, Rock It For Me, Panic), Paramore (Fences, Rose-Colored Boy, Grudges, Born For This, Misery Bussiness, Crushcrushcrush) and Twenty One Pilots (Polarize, Message Man, Hometown, House Of Gold, Run And Go, Semi-Automatic). though, i've been trying to get into Smash Mouth (got one of their older cds at my favorite thrift store. it's great.) (Walkin' On The Sun, Let's Rock, The Fonz, Padrino), Set It Off (Freak Show, The Grande Finale, Kill THe Lights, Partners In Crime), Three Days Grace (Riot, Pain, Time Of Dying, Animal I've Become), and Mother Mother (Body, Problems, Ghosting, Oh Ana, Simply Simple).


My music taste is pretty close to physics', shoutouts to Typhoon and Kishi Bashi especially. White Lighter and Lighght are... so good... and, I hadn't heard of adjy or Folly and the Hunter before but I'm liking them, so here's a driveby thank you for the rec.

That aside though. My favourite music generally falls under the indie pop/rock/folk banner, with my big big favs tending to have baroque/chamber/orchestral elements too. Otherwise I tend to gravitate to stuff that sounds pretty hectic or dramatic or is overflowing with flowery pretentious lyrics and generally has a grim or angsty mood. My favourite band is Shinsei Kamattechan.

I'm just going to steal this format to plug some bands/albums I like. I have... no idea how long this list is going to get, so...

it got long


I'm into EBM which not many people have heard of haha. Bands include Funker Vogt, Combichrist and VNV Nation and so on. 

Fave songs: Dr Steel - Childhood dont a go go, Combichrist - Throat full of glass, Blutengel - Save our souls.

Fave bands: Deathstars (main fave!), Funker Vogt, Combichrist, Wumpscut, Blutengel, Marilyn Manson, Dr Steel, Celldweller, Zeromancer.



callilux hell yeah! i've never met anyone else who actually knows typhoon, thats so cool! im definitely gonna check out some of your songs here too and hopefully find some new stuff....


OH jeeze, I love all the music! if it sounds good, then I'll listen to it! I dont really have a genre that I HAVE to listen to. But I do find myself gravitating towards synthwave and edm more often than not

Some of my favourites (songs too) are:

scandroid, starset, black math, muse, the hurts, celldweller, blue stahli, heilung, and ashbury heights 


oh another band i like is powderfinger 

they disbanded years ago but both my parents were (still are) super into them so i grew up w/ their music :0! here's my fave song of theirs and another one that's alright


The music I like changes a lot but the ones I always keep listening to are Carpenter Brut and Perturbator. Mega Drive, Lazerhawk and Deadmau5 too but much not that much anymore rip

lov me some computer noises nobody else considers a real music lmao


i mostly listen to vocaloid/utau, alternative, indie, pop and some rap. besides those genres that i stick to, if i find something that slaps.. it SLAPS babey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some of my fav artists + songs by them are:

some other stuff i've been listening to rn:
besides the weeb shit, the stuff i listen to is probably what most teenz™ like me listen to