Favourite TV shows and how they've influenced you~

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What are your top favourite TV show(s) of all time? 

Also, if you want to tie this in to talking about OCs: Do you think your favourite TV shows have influenced what type of OCs you make, or have guided you in how you've written their backstories/worlds/lore/designs etc. 


My favourite show is Gravity Falls (yes... still!). It's been my top favourite for a few years, and even though I get into other things briefly, I still find myself coming back to Gravity Falls... I just love it so much. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Other top favourites of mine are Hannibal, Invader Zim, Inuyasha, Daredevil, and Dirk Gently. These are ones that I really fell in love with right away when watching, though its not even a fraction of all the other shows I've seen that I love. Just the ones that really stick.

I know for a fact that Inuyasha has influenced my interest in creating OCs and world building... it sunk its teeth into me when I was but a wee lass and it really took off from there. Most of my ocs and the universe they reside in, originated from Inuyasha Aus that went completely out of control when I was younger, and formed into their own thing. 

I'm interested to hear your favourite shows (I'd be lying if I said this thread wasn't an excuse to find more good shows to watch >_> )


I don't watch TV as much as I used to, and even then it wasn't a whole lot, but I do have two favorites.

Roseanne - You may or may not have heard of it, but a quick summary of it is its a 1980s-1990s ish sitcom about a poor family and common struggles ish. My mom was the one who showed it to me at some point when I was younger, and I ended up liking it a lot, so... :>

Boku No Hero Academia - Blame my friends for getting me into this. It's basically an anime about these kids with superpowers attending school so they can can become heroes. My sister actually has a cosplay or two of some of the characters in it.

I do have a bunch of animes my friends want me to watch though, so no promises on wether it not this list will get longer

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brooklyn nine-nine reignited my love for tv, it’s so unique and makes me so happy.


What influenced me was my first Anime, and its Yuri On Ice. Basically it was my first touch-down on anime and later i started watching more anime. And also it introduced me to the world of LGBT community, as previous of that i thought same sex relationships were weird and unnatural, obviously now i thing its really normal and support anyone who likes the same sex!


My favorite TV series is Law & Order, plus I like lots of other police and true-crime programming...I write about a lot of police characters, so that's probably influenced it, though I had police characters long before I became a fan of the series.


I can't really pin-point one exact favourite show, tho for most of my life My Little Pony:FIM has been my favourite, but now I really don't have just one, but in a way it made me really love writting female characters, maybe too much hahaha!

I'm very into characters like ghost, angels, demons, etc. So much so that I have an entire story where mostly all characters are dead, I'm sure I got this from a lot of other franchises and all but I think most of it came from how intrigued I was when I first watched Noragami, one of my first animes ever watched. Other than that most of it comes from how much I love to get creppy things and make something not horror-related out of it!

I could probably say a lot more but my inspirations are all over the place! Hahaha!


My Little Pony is pretty much my favourite tv show. It's influenced my art greatly, for the better imo. I used to draw tons of ponies back in the day and to give them a 'unique' style I'd go semi-realistic with it. Well I've stopped drawing ponies so much but the way I drew them (especially the legs and face) has helped me with drawing both feral and anthro characters and gave me a better understanding of anatomy that I could apply to most species of animal.


Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, My Little Pony (don't judge me please), Hilda, and Trollhunters. There are various parts of these shows I've tried to integrate into my art style


I have two favorite shows, Eddsworld and Saiki K. I think those two shows kind of taught me to be a bit more mature, the styles of both shows kind of snuck into my art style(I.e, certain hairstyles, outfits, personality traits etc.) and I'm pretty satisfied with it.


I change my favorite show a lot, but i'd say the one that's influenced me the most is Glitter Force. It definitely inspired me to try more anime.

Now i'm a BNHA fan and my whole life has gone down the toilet. 👌


I guess I'll be mentioning the ones that inspire my story for now...I would mention series that influence my general OCs, but they're quite all over the place plus these ones left a bigger impression to not only my OCs, but my overall interest and artstyle, hahah. 

Also, it's good to see Digimon being mentioned and praised here. I agree that it's really surprising that an anime targetted for kids deals with issues like child facing difficulties such as harsh expectations, being forced to deal with deaths and family divorce, etc. It shows that no kids' life are entirely perfect, and they can deal with these issues even at a young age... Which is well, as you can see, its a recurring theme among my OCs and story that they're facing their first "misfortunes" and will have to survive hardships that early of an age with little choices and assistance to rely on. While my story is not entirely kids-demographic targetted, the main cast consists of that because I believe the concept of misfortunes turning someone's life upside down impacts the youngers more compared to...well...can you imagine a middle-aged salarymen, with so many stuff to worry on their hands, having to care about a magical sports? Hahah.

Aside from Digimon, my other favourite series of all time is...well, called Crash B-Daman. I won't lie that its THE biggest influence in my art, designs and many other things. If you look hard enough into my old works of my OCs there's clearly a lot of inspirations being drawn from the series despite how much I'm trying to lessen the obvious inspiration now fgsgdgdhasgdgd- Crash B-Daman is...not perfect, and considered the worst post-2000's B-Daman series by fandom, but people fail to acknowledge that Crash B-Daman exist because they want to target to larger demographic including mature audience, which is why some themes is considered "darker" compared to other B-Daman series... (especially the manga, its barely about the toys and more nightmare fuel tbh) plus its mangaka is one of my biggest inspiration as a creator...

Idk, as I mentioned in another thread, I like those kiddy sports/tournaments based animes despite how predictable or long they are is because I adore the concept of "the power of friendship", no matter how cheesy it is? Plus a lot of stuff for general audiences sometimes deals with depressing themes really good because you want audiences of all age to be able to relate to the characters' POV and all, which is a thing I'm aiming in my characters ( regardless of audience type) hahah.

Other than these two, highlights to other favs of mine that includes Metal Fight Beyblade, Angelic Layer and Cardfight!! Vanguard...And few others outside of similar genre like Angel Beats, M.A.R and Black Rock Shooter. Clearly these series have contributed at least one thing into my OCs :^D A bit of a shame that despite all I list are just animes, I barely watch them anymore because none of the newer stuff will ever give me the same feeling as my favourites that I used to watch.